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PhD in Management


Xinwei Li

PhD Student in Finance


Additional Information


Year of entry: 2018


B.Sc in Finance with minor in Applied Mathematics, University of Macau, Macau, China


Xinwei’s major research interests lie in the intersection of finance and macroeconomics with a focus on production-based asset pricing. He studies asset prices through the lens of corporate investment and production and investigates macroeconomic dynamics from the perspective of asset pricing. He is particularly interested in the special role of mega firms in determining macroeconomic outcomes and its associated implications for financial markets. His recent work shows that the hiring activity of top firms by market value contains unique predictive information about aggregate stock markets. In his spare time, Xinwei enjoys music of a wide range of genres and various sports, especially basketball. Xinwei graduated from University of Macau as an Honours College student with a B.Sc. degree in finance and a minor degree in applied math.