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Participant of INSEAD Finance for Executives course. The course is designed for non-financial executives to learn the basics of financial accounting and analysis

Finance for Executives

Discover a comprehensive introduction to accounting and financial analysis, and gain an understanding of the financial consequences of your strategic decisions.

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8 days

Understanding the world of finance

Exploring the diverse financial challenges facing today's decision-makers, Finance for Executives is a comprehensive introduction to accounting and financial analysis. It aims to give executives who are not financial specialists an understanding of the financial consequences of strategic decisions and to equip them with tools to integrate the financial approach into their decision-making.

This programme is designed to increase your skills in communicating effectively with those in finance and accounting to ensure that your organisation’s functions are better integrated, significantly boosting the firm’s overall value. As a result of attending, you will contribute to ensuring a sound financial basis for your organisation’s strategic planning and decisions.

Our Participant profile

The programme is designed for non-financial executives, including general managers, senior functional managers outside finance, board members and corporate customer-relations officers in financial service organisations who require a better understanding of the financial impact of business decisions.

We have created an infographic that illustrates the participant make up-in greater detail. View it here.

How you benefit

Broader skill set

Gain better understanding of the key financial elements of Value-Based Management.

Valuable communication skills

Improve your effectiveness in communicating with accounting and finance colleagues.

Customised application of insights

Review financial statements from your own company or business unit – with the help of our expert faculty.

New tools and methods

Acquire powerful techniques to aid analysis and decision-making.

INSEAD Alumni Community

As part of the lifelong learning journey, alumni of INSEAD are eligible to a 30% reduction off the cost of our Open Programmes.

Certificate This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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Finance Webinar Watch On Demand

Sustainable investing – investing in “sustainable” funds – has been one of the hottest areas of growth in the financial market. However, an increasing number of sustainability measures, a lack of standards, and greenwashing are causing concerns. What is the record of sustainable investing? Can it achieve true sustainability? How can companies and executives contribute to a sustainable world? Join us where Lily Fang, Professor of Finance, Programme Director of Finance for Executive at INSEAD, will illustrate how your work as an executive can contribute meaningfully to true sustainability.

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30% Off

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8 days

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