In today’s rapidly changing business environment, lifelong learning is essential for the sustained success and growth of our alumni so they can be a force for good in the world. We curate new impactful online and in-person learning experiences for alumni throughout the year, so watch this space and contact us for comments and feedback!

Anne-Ev Enzmann MBA‘01J
Director of Lifelong Learning,
David Mair MBA‘96J
Alumni Association
Peter Zemsky
The Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Strategy
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Dean of Innovation

Upcoming Webinars


REBEL Foods: The World’s Largest and Fastest Growth Internet Restaurant Platform

Monday, 8 March, 3:30 pm CET / 10:30 pm SGT (60 mins)

Launched in 2016, REBEL Foods is the world’s largest Internet restaurant platform with 1,700 virtual restaurants and 230+ cloud kitchens in 20 cities across India, Indonesia, UAE and the UK. Learn from REBEL’s Founder & CEO Jaydeep Barman (MBA’06J) when and how to pivot a loss making India-based chain of Bengali restaurants into a pioneering and profitable global food tech company. The session is hosted by INSEAD Strategy Professor and Deputy Dean Peter Zemsky.



Creative Collaboration

Thursday, 11 March 11:00 am CET/ 6:00 pm SGT (60 mins)

Design thinking is one of the tools most commonly offered to professionals looking to become more innovative. The fruits of innovation - novel, valuable products and services -  can easily be bought and sold, but planting, cultivating and harvesting know-how is far less transferrable. Learning to innovate requires diligence, patience, and direct collaboration with skillful role models. 

In this webinar, Professor Sosa will share the results of his recent research in the area of creativity and design, focusing on two fundamental aspects of creative collaboration:
    - Whether the key to successful innovation is collaboration
    - The best conditions for successful collaboration during innovation


Career Decisions, Management, and Leadership in a Data and AI World: Part 1/4 Setting Yourself up for Success

Tuesday, 16 March, 5:30 pm CET (60 mins)

The first webinar of our series on “Career Decisions, Management, and Leadership in a Data and AI World”. Dr. Katia Walsh, Chief Strategy and Artificial Intelligence Officer @ Levi’s and Jeff McMillan, Chief Analytics and Data Officer @ Morgan Stanley, two data leaders with significant commercial acumen and business experience, will explain how they navigate their career choices and set the agenda for data and AI in a way that maximises their – and their organisations’ – chances for success.


Ambition Net Zero – The complexity of carbon neutrality

Tuesday, 30 March, 12:30 pm CET / 6:30 pm SGT (60mins)

In this webinar opening the “AMBITION NET ZERO” series, Jane Stevensen, will set up the scene, describing what climate change is, what impact it will have on our world, what its causes are but also how we got here and why it is so difficult to tackle. Jane will share some of the current scenarios for the future and will bring fact into discussions on climate change and related decarbonisation of business.


How to Turn a Bank into an Ecosystem: The DBS Experience

Thursday, 1 April, 10:30 am CET / 5:30 pm SGT (45 mins)

Fintech ecosystems will revolutionise how the financial services landscape operates. DBS, Southeast Asia’s largest bank, has emerged as an industry-leader in this arena by building an ecosystem for financial services to rival those on offer in the tech industry. Find out from CEO Piyush Gupta how digital transformation can revolutionise the payments landscape, how well-developed ecosystems can generate opportunities for growth, and how DBS has paved the way for other financial services organisations to deliver integrated, contextualised banking experiences that go beyond traditional financial models and meet broader customer needs.




Thursday, 8 April, 5:00 pm CET / 8:00 am PST (60 mins)

Organizations today face an array of unprecedented challenges: technological disruption, rule-breaking competitors, omnipotent customers, pervasive regulation, new social demands and heightened employee expectations. To thrive in this new environment, firms will need to overhaul their bureaucracy-encrusted management practices. We need to make the jump from bureaucracy to humanocracy, from a management model that was designed to maximize control to one that is designed to maximize contribution. Gary Hamel shares a roadmap for this journey and tell you how to get started with your own team.



No Rules Rules: Developing a corporate culture that breeds innovation and flexibility

Thursday, 20 May, 1:00 pm CET / 8:00 pm SGT (75 mins)

As the information age shrinks product cycles and compresses time frames, the most important business question of our era is “how do we keep innovating?”. In this talk culture guru Erin Meyer explores a counter-intuitive set of principles for how to build an organizational culture for today’s information age based on extensive research conducted with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings (and detailed in their new book No Rules Rules). Whether it’s Freedom and Responsibility, Radical Honesty, or The Keeper Test, Meyer lays out a proven, systematic method for building, maintaining and enhancing a corporate culture that breeds speed, flexibility and innovation across the organization.


Upcoming Events


Watch Now - Webinars and Videos on Demand


INSEAD and the INSEAD Alumni Association have embraced the many challenges over the last few months, creating through them  impactful multiple webinar series that address the urgent needs and organisational challenges faced by leaders around the world. View our past webinars with world-class faculty, diverse global leaders and INSEAD alumni on topics ranging from navigating through the COVID-19 crisis to developing your professional journey!

In The Spotlight: 
Networking in our New Reality - Highlight video

Networking in our New Reality, featuring INSEAD Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Noah Askin, was our most popular webinar in 2020! 

Catch the 90 sec highlight video, or the full recording on Kultura.

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In The Spotlight: US Election Results
Geopolitical Ramifications

What are the ramifications for the geopolitics of a Joe Biden presidency? Michael Witt, Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy and International Business at INSEAD, demonstrates what is likely to change and the challenges that will remain, with some useful data and simple frameworks.

Watch Now

In The Spotlight: US Election Results
Impact on Trade and Economy

Pushan Dutt, Professor of Economics and the Shell Fellow of Economic Transformation shares his thoughts on the potential outcomes of a Biden presidency. He is using data, history, and logic to give an outlook on the economy, trade, and societal issues under the new administration.

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Catch-up on Past Webinars

Browse the entire library of recent Lifelong Learning webinars - topics range from business & society, digital & innovation and economics to entrepreneurship and professional & career development. For alumni only, access with your INSEAD email address and password.

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Navigating the Turbulence of COVID-19

This series features analysis and insight from our faculty on the human cost of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growing global impact on the economy and the business implications of COVID-19. Recorded between March and June 2020.


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Pop-Up Programmes are one or two days long, faculty-led and designed exclusively for alumni. They are perfect to explore new areas. Join your fellow INSEADers for an immersive, in-person learning experience that will expand your horizons and help you relive the energy of the INSEAD classroom experience.


Strategy and Investing for Impact

Our world faces critical challenges. And it’s time for business to find answers. Join fellow Alumni in this intense 4-day online workshop combining case studies and dynamic group discussions. Learn more here.

18-21 February 2021
390 EUR for NAA members, 550 EUR for non-members

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Partner Webinars

1. Global VC & Founder Sentiment Survey: Viewpoints from MENA
Thursday, 4 March 10:00 am CET - with Professor Morten Olsen

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More details coming soon.

1. Building Resilience in Family Enterprises: The Imperative to Refocus, Rejuvenate and Reinvent
Thursday, 18 February 2021, 9-11am (CET)

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2. Venture Capital, Business Angels and Start-ups
Workshops by Prof Henning Piezunka

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1. How Women Leaders Marry Love and Work
Thursday, 4 March, 1:15 pm CET - Panel with Prof Jennifer Petriglieri

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