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By bringing people together, INSEAD Centers and Initiatives create value for our communities beyond individual excellence. Our Centers and Initiatives disseminate academic research and broker research collaborations and opportunities. They act as sandboxes for innovative pedagogy. They show case our rigor and relevance in each pillar of our excellence: Business & Society, Strategy & Competency, Governance & Conflict Management and Entrepreneurship & Family Business.


VCOD webinar webcard

Reimagining Family Businesses for Wealth Re-Generation

24 - 25 June 2024, 8.30AM - 1.30pm CET

In-person summit organised by INSEAD Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise.


This Summit focused on the theme "Reimagining Family Businesses for Wealth Regeneration" will address how business families while preserving their values, legacy and social capital could go back to their entrepreneurial...

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