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By bringing people together, INSEAD Centers and Initiatives create value for our communities beyond individual excellence. Our Centers and Initiatives disseminate academic research and broker research collaborations and opportunities. They act as sandboxes for innovative pedagogy. They show case our rigor and relevance in each pillar of our excellence: Business & Society, Strategy & Competency, Governance & Conflict Management, Entrepreneurship & Family Business, and Technology & Innovation.


Value Creation for Owners & Directors: Hazards and Necessities

Value Creation for Owners & Directors: Hazards and Necessities

2 April 2024, 9.00AM - 10.00pm CET

Online webinar & digital dialogue organised by INSEAD Lifelong Learning together with INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre


INSEAD Professors Massimo Massa and Ludo Van der Heyden will present the practical framework and insights in formulating the strategies on the three core elements around the “hardware”, “software...

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Governance Riding The Waves of Change

INSEAD Directors Forum - Governance Riding the Waves of Change

5 April 2024, 8.15AM SGT

The flagship event hosted by the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, with the support from INSEAD Directors Network (IDN), will delve into the potential shifts from a macro perspective and the boardroom strategic directions, such as leveraging the new technology and artificial intelligence for governance and fostering...

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