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Javier Gimeno
Javier Gimeno

Dean of Faculty

INSEAD’s faculty excel in developing research that inspires, supports and challenges business leaders across industries. In an open and collaborative intellectual environment, our culturally diverse academics stand at the frontiers of new knowledge creation that is both rigorous and relevant but also a driving force for change in business and society. Through our research and teaching, we contribute to our school’s vision to make business a force for good.

Our award winning faculty from 41 countries spans a range of disciplines from organisational behaviour and leadership to finance and economics.

Javier Gimeno

Dean of Faculty

Lily Fang

Dean of Research

At INSEAD we pride ourselves on the rigour and relevance of our research. Whether it is academic publications, books, cases, or practitioner-oriented publications, we strive for the highest quality and impact. We produce research that brings new ideas and new knowledge to the world, underpinning pedagogy that is useful to business leaders.

Supported by our strong links with the international business community, our research also benefits from real world testing, feedback and application, creating a powerful academic flywheel. We conduct research in an environment that nurtures intellectual exploration and knowledge creation. We disseminate our research through our teaching and engagement with the world. 

Lily Fang

Dean of Research

Did you know that INSEAD wrote 6 of the 10 best-selling cases distributed by the Case Centre in the past 40 years? That our cases were the Overall Winner of 5 of the last 10 Case Centre Global Case Awards? And that these cases are used in more than 100 business schools and universities around the world?

Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities for Analytics and AI
Despite advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), a shockingly high percentage of such projects fail. This background note identifies issues that occur at the ideation, planning, and evaluation stages, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach that combines technical AI/ML capabilities with rigorous decision analysis. It includes an Analytics and AI Opportunity Worksheet that offers non-technical managers a step-by-step guide to thinking through opportunities for analytics and AI in their organization.
Topic: Operations
By Anton S. Ovchinnikov, Ilia Tsetlin
Infosys: Digital Innovation and Tennis - Transforming Traditional Sports Partnerships
Within eight years Infosys became the digital innovation partner for four major sporting organizations and events in tennis, with the Infosys Tennis Platform team supporting the ATP Tour, the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, and the digital transformation of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. In 2023, looking for ways to extend further into the world of sport, questions arose for the marketing and sponsorships teams: What was next for Infosys’ tennis partnerships? Was tennis still the best platform to showcase its capabilities? Could its tennis platform be replicated in other sports? How could they continue to show value to internal management from an innovation perspective? How could Infosys establish itself as the preferred provider for its clients’ digital transformation strategies?
Topic: Strategy
By L. Felipe Monteiro, Alexandra Wippler
Double Delta: Pursuing Additionality in Impact Investing
In 2023, the Asia-based impact investing team within Credit Suisse was spun off to form an independent impact advisory firm called Double Delta. The firm differentiates itself within the increasingly crowded impact investing space by focusing on Asia-based SMEs serving the low-income population and its emphasis on ensuring that its investments have a significant “additionality” in terms of helping the investees improve their social impact. The case details the investment strategy and process for Double Delta’s impact funds, presents two investment opportunities to be evaluated for their fit with its first fund, and discusses possible directions Double Delta could take in its future work.
By Jasjit Singh

INSEAD is using SAS software on its three campuses