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Thank you from the Associate Dean

Nida Januskis

Your milestone reunion is a moment to celebrate. It’s also an opportunity to harness business as a force for good.

Class and reunion volunteers are pivotal to achieving this vision. In fact, INSEAD relies on the energy and leadership of volunteers to make every reunion both memorable and meaningful.

When you volunteer, you make a difference in several ways. You help shape programming that educates and inspires alumni to lead globally. You move our mission forward by encouraging your classmates to give back. And you remind your classmates of what brought us together in the first place: a shared interest in transforming business and society.

To our volunteers, I extend my deepest thanks. By giving the gift of your time, you are creating enriching experiences for alumni and making a lasting impact on your school. Thank you!

Nida Januskis, Associate Dean of Advancement

Class Reunion Records

When it comes to fundraising, INSEAD alumni aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition. See which promotions hold the top spots for reunion attendance and class giving, and how your class compares.

Reunion Record Promotion
1 34% MBA'18J&D
5 62% MBA'11J
10 54% MBA'97J
15 33% MBA'97
20 52% MBA'90J
25 54% MBA'90D
30 52% MBA'88D
35 33% MBA'81
40 48% MBA'68
45 36% MBA'62
50 43% MBA'65
55 47% MBA'63


Reunion Record Promotion
1 6% MBA'17J
5 65% MBA'04J
10 70% MBA'10J
15 49% MBA'04J
20 64% MBA'86D and MBA'87D
25 44% MBA'89J
30 53% MBA'70
35 26% MBA'61
40 56% MBA'69
45 74% MBA'61
50 30% MBA'68
55 17% MBA'63



Reunion Record Promotion
1 €3,700 MBA'17J
5 €177,000 MBA'14J
10 €145,000 MBA'09D
15 €262,000 EMBA'04Dec
20 €1,096,000 MBA'98J
25 €2,649,000 MBA'94D
30 €1,401,000 MBA'87D
35 €538,000 MBA'70
40 €1,232,000 MBA'77
45 €163,000 MBA'72
50 €379,000 MBA'69
55 €7,960 MBA'63


Want to learn more?

The INSEAD Reunion Volunteer Handbook explains what happens behind-the-scenes to make your reunion a success — and how you can help. Download the handbook to learn how volunteers team up with INSEAD to have fun and serve as a force for good!


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