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Welcome to INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC)

Our Vision

In a rapidly changing business environment disrupted by increased regulatory reforms, digitalisation, societal demands, capital markets and geopolitical shifts, much of the pressure and scrutiny is putting boards under the spotlight. The INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC) has been actively engaged in making a distinctive contribution to the knowledge and practice of corporate governance. Our vision is to be the leading centre for research, innovation and impact in the area of corporate governance globally. Through our educational portfolio and advocacy in fostering sustainable high-performance governance practices, the ICGC hopes to build greater trust within the public and stakeholder communities, so that businesses today are a strong force for improvement, not only of economic markets but also for the global societal environment. 

The ICGC combines INSEAD’s institutional visibility and exceptional faculty in developing thought leadership and a global educational platform in the area of corporate governance. The centre’s mission is to develop world-class teaching content, promote latest research using innovative scholarly materials and enrich public discourse on corporate governance through forums, conferences, peer-to-peer exchange and expert-to-practitioner dialogue.

Our activities harness INSEAD’s expertise in multiple disciplines across areas such as strategy, risk-management, decision making, finance, economics, family governance and corporate social responsibility for in-depth insights and sustainable responses to the challenges facing directors in today’s increasingly complex and volatile environment. The ICGC brings an unmatched international viewpoint to its activities thanks to INSEAD’s position as The Business School for the World, with its footprint across the Europe, Asia, and Middle East campuses.

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Research and Expertise

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Faculty's cutting-edge research directly feeds into our courses materials.

Feedback for directors

360° feedback for directors

Specifically developed for our programmes, these instruments help our directors understand individual leadership styles. Sessions are led by professional certified coaches from the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre.

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Executive summaries

Executive summaries feature our faculty's publications on key corporate governance issues and insights.

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Case Studies

Based on real-life examples, case studies stimulate in-class analysis, discussions and debates.

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Board simulations

Designed by our faculty, our board simulations create a safe environment for role play and productive feedback.

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Applied Research Studies

Our applied studies complement our research and help us to gain insights on pertinent governance topics that are relevant to boards.

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Executive Summaries


With the the substantial and increasing contribution to governance literature that INSEAD has generated over the years, the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre produced a series of executive summaries on governance issues highlighting how board directors can continue to learn in the spirit of becoming more effective in their role.

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Applied Research Studies

The Role of the Board in the Sustainability Era

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, Heidrick & Struggles and BCG
by Ron Soonieus, Senior Advisor, BCG, Director in Residence, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, David Young, Managing Director and Senior Partner, BCG's Boston Office, Alice Breeden, Partner in Heidrick & Struggles' London office, Jeremy Hanson, Partner in Heidrick & Struggles' Chicago office and Sonia Tatar, Executive Director of INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and INSEAD Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise - July 2023
This joint report focused on examining the perceptions of boards towards a full spectrum of ESG issues, as well as how the drive for sustainability is influencing and reorganizing the efforts of boards. 

Nomination and Remuneration Committees - Trending towards Confluence or Divergence

by Jose-Luis Alvarez and Sonia Tatar from INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Hagen Schweinitz from Eric Salmon & Partners - March 2023
This joint report focused on the role and effectiveness of nomination and remuneration committees sheds light on key trends and best practices in corporate governance and provides insights for both boards and executives.

Designing Sustainability Governance - Board structures and practices for better ESG performance

by Ron Soonieus, Director in Residence, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre - March 2022
This report explores how corporate boards can best organise themselves to firmly embed ESG/sustainability in board oversight.

Directors Can Up Their Game on Environmental, Social and Governance Issues: The BCG-INSEAD Board ESG Pulse Check

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and BCG
by Ron Soonieus, Senior Advisor, BCG, Director in Residence, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, Wendy Woods, Managing Director and Senior Partner, BCG's Boston Office, David Young, Managing Director and Senior Partner, BCG's Boston Office, and Sonia Tatar, Executive Director of INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise - March 2022
For this inaugural report, we have interviewed more than 50 directors who have at least 10 years’ experience as a board member and who serve on more than 150 corporate boards combined. Our survey captured insights from 122 respondents who have an average of 7 years of experience as a board member and who are affiliated with 2 boards on average. The majority (80%) of respondents are non-executive directors, with 33% of those individuals serving as the board chair. Another 14% of respondents are CEOs and the remaining 6% support the board as corporate secretary and legal counsel.

Changing the Climate in the Boardroom

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Heidrick & Struggles
with contribution from Ron Soonieus, Director in Residence, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre - December 2021
Based on 301 responses from 43 countries, the survey conducted during September and October 2021 revealed the evolving role of boards in climate change leadership as well as the imperative to bridge the knowledge and experience gaps to steward the transition.

Leadership in AI Report 2021

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, Board Agenda and Mazars
by Professor Theodoros Evgeniou - January 2021
Based on survey carried out between September & November 2020 among 121 senior business leaders, including chief executive officers, chief finance officers, board chairs, executive and non-executive directors and company secretaries, the research study examines the adoption and perceived benefits of AI, as well as the constraints and AI's potential impact on corporate culture.

The Effects of Covid-19 on Boards and Governance

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Spencer Stuart - October 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has severely challenged the resilience of companies worldwide. To understand how the impact of the coronavirus on boards and governance, the ICGC has collaborated with Spencer Stuart to conduct a survey research to gain insights into the dynamics and functioning of corporate boards and their atttitude towards risk analysis following the global health crisis.

Leadership in Risk Management—European Report 2020

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, Board Agenda and Mazars
by Prof. Enrico Diecidue and Tim Rowley - July 2020
Based on more than 300 respondents, the latest research survey aims to examine the level of skills, structures, culture and business readiness of boards in addressing risk in a highly uncertain landscape execebated by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Market for Corporate Directors 2019

by Prof. Jose Luis Alvarez and Francois-Lucien Vulliermet, Research Associate, 18 December 2019

Over the past years, the paradigms of the modern business world have shifted dramatically. In the midst of accelerating pace and complexity of change, boards of directors must address issues they had never experienced before as they grapple with unprecedented threats arising from geopolitical and global economic events, sustainable development concerns and technological disruptions. The era of conventional governance and perpetual board is over. Board renewal to bring diversity and new talents has become an imperative for boards aiming to anticipate emerging risks and opportunities for high-performance governance. With this 2019 Report on Directors Job Market, the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre looked at this call for board renewal and the development of full time professional directors.

What's Stopping Boards from turning Sustainability Aspirations into Action

by Prof. N. Craig Smith and Ron Soonieus, executive-in-residence, June 2019
Drawing on the findings from earlier report with Board Agenda and Mazars and on over 25 interviews with non-executive board members, the report focuses on three key aspects of the problem: What are boards really saying about sustainability? What are the obstacles to them taking more effective action? What changes should be made by boards so that their companies respond more effectively to sustainability challenges?

Leadership in Corporate Sustainability—European Report 2018

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, Board Agenda and Mazars
by Prof. N. Craig Smith and Ron Soonieus, executive-in-residence, INSEAD - Dec 2018
INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre has participated in the research project in collaboration with Board Agenda and Mazars, to gather views of 234 respondents across Europe on boards' response in leading the sustainability agenda

Board Leadership in Corporate Culture: European Report 2017

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, Board Agenda and Mazars
by Prof. Erik van de Loo and Jaap Winter - Nov 2017
INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre has participated in the research project in collaboration with Board Agenda and Mazars, to gather views of 435 board members across Europe on the subject of corporate culture.

Board Chairs' Practices across Countries: Commonalities, Differences and Future Trends

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Ward Howell Talent Equity Institute Survey
by Prof. Stanislav Shekshnia and Project Manager Veronika Zaviega - April 2017
In this survey report, the research team conducted interviews with professional chairs in different parts of the world to identify and compare specific practices and instruments used in different countries. The report gives insights into pertinent issues surrounding the work of the chair across different countries and development of future trends over the next decade.


Directing Digitalisation - Guidelines for Boards and Executives

by Prof. Ludo Van der Heyden, INSEAD and Liri Andersson, this fluid world - February 2017
This report analyses the need for digitalization and its impact on boards and senior executives, with the aim of enlightening and supporting leaders in their digital journey, and gives 11 key implications and recommendations taking into account the external and internal environments.


The Real Impact of Digital - as seen from the "Virtual" Coalface

by Prof. Ludo Van der Heyden, INSEAD and Liri Andersson, this fluid world - April 2016
This study challenges some of the common assumptions and beliefs about the positioning of “digital”. The study approaches the issue of digital from a fresh direction: the real perceptions and experiences of managers on the ground and “in the coalface” of business, the results, as well as 21 insights and recommendations for the 21st century.


Chair of the board of Directors: Findings from a Global Survey

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Ward Howell Talent Equity Institute Survey
by Prof. Stanislav Shekshnia and Project Manager Veronika Zaviega - 2015
The survey sheds light on the characteristics and motivations of the board chair which contributes to the development of "Leading from the Chair" programme at INSEAD.


Why Do Women Find It So Difficult to Access Top Executive Jobs and Why Does Change Take So Long?

by Prof. Ludo Van der Heyden, INSEAD - August 2014
This is an opinion piece written based on the observation of the existing state of ffairs on the issues surrounding women in leadership - the issues, challenges and possible future development.

INSEAD Directors Forum 2014

Risk Oversight in the Boardroom, 27-28 April 2014, Luxemburg

How can Good Corporate Governance contribute to the image of Luxemburg's Financial Centre?

INSEAD Alumni conference-roundtable in cooperation with EY and ILALuxemburg, April 30 2014

ICGI and the Clarkson Center for Board Effectiveness release a new Survey

Benchmarking Boards: Europe and North America 27-28 April 2014, Luxemburg

Comments on the Português Corporate Governance Code

Lisbon, April 2, 2013

Managing Crisis from a Board Perspective

October 13, 2012

The Governance of Joint Ventures

Abu Dhabi, February 1, 2012

In search of the Best Practice ?

Abu Dhabi, November 28, 2010

CEO Remuneration: The Way Ahead

London, June 14, 2010




Open and customised programmes

Depending on your needs, INSEAD open and customised corporate governance programmes are designed to equip directors and board members with the insights needed to ensure high performance and value creation in the long and short-term.

customised programmes

Programmes with partners

INSEAD develop corporate governance programmes in partnership with collaborating organisations to offer tailored programmes for targeted industry or market segments.


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INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance

The INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance is a global credential for board members operating internationally – one of the first of its kind offered by an academic institution. The certificate attests to a director’s commitment to continuously develop her or his effectiveness and excellence, by applying and building upon the skills and knowledge acquired through successful attendance of the International Directors Programme (IDP) or International Directors Banking Programme (IDBP).


INSEAD Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance

The INSEAD Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance is designed for holders of the INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance who wish to further pursue their development across core competencies that are key to effective directorship. It provides participants with a personal development plan at board level over multiple years (up to a maximum of five years) that is both stimulating and engaging.


The INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre is grateful to our international partners for their collaboration and engagement in supporting our mission.

Our Network

Helen Wiseman

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The INSEAD International Directors' Network (IDN) is driven by alumni of the INSEAD International Directors Programme (IDP).

"Navigating governance in today's disruptive and uncertain environment whilst achieving the objectives of an organisation requires directors to hold the highest standards of acumen, governance and integrity.  It also demands high EQ, financial understanding, and the ability through an ESG lens to see opportunities and risks across multiple time horizons.  As a director, I find these demands both energising and challenging. This is why I turn to the INSEAD Centre for Corporate Governance for world-class director education and development, and to the INSEAD International Directors Network for global peer-to-peer exchange and continuous learning." 

Helen Wiseman, IDP-C, 
President of INSEAD Directors Network

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Peter Nientker





IN-BOARD is a by alumni for alumni initiative which started 10 years ago and currently runs in six countries. It consists of a three day programme at INSEAD and six national modules organised by professional service firms (accounting, legal, strategy, HR, etc).The aim is to prepare INSEAD alumni for non-executive board positions.

“There is a growing need for non-executives in large corporates as well as in smaller companies, hospitals, schools and non-for-profit institutions. The INSEAD alumni have a wealth of experience in a great variety of industries. IN-BOARD is building on this solid base by offering an educational programme and by sharing continued development through Masterclasses and Governance Labs. Herewith we create a great community of experienced professionals.”

Peter Nientker, MBA’87
President of IN-BOARD Netherlands

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Sadia Khan

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The INSEAD alumni network is robust, diverse and globally connected to an extent few institutions can boast. With more than 66K alumni distributed across 180 countries with 169 nationalities, our alumni are citizens of the world, who understand how to balance local and global perspectives, and have “experienced the world as it ought to be” as one graduate said.

"An active alumni association not only helps to keep the alumni energised and engaged but also contributes tremendously to the positive branding of INSEAD. Through our activities, we not only get a chance to showcase the achievements of our members but also demonstrate our deep bonding with the institution. And nothing succeeds like success. The success of the alumni boosts the reputation of the school, while in turn the success of the school enables the alumni to bask in its reflected glory. Having a strong and active alumni network is a win-win for all.” 

Sadia Khan, MBA'95D, IDP-C
Former President, INSEAD Alumni Association
CEO, Selar Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd

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INSEAD webinar series

The ICGC has partnered with the INSEAD Alumni Association Lifelong Learning and our external partners to produce a number of webinars focused on boards and governance. We invite you to follow the links below to view the recordings or click here to view the full collection of past webinars on wide ranging topics presented by our world-class faculty, diverse global leaders and INSEAD alumni.

Governance outlook

The INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre has partnered with the INSEAD Learning Hub to produce bite-sized content on governance related topics to empower your continuous lifelong learning journey at INSEAD. Download the mobile app now to explore the related contents on governance thought leadership from INSEAD faculty, alumni and practitioners and other topics of your interest.

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