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Awards - Alumni

Award Criteria and Nominations

The INSEAD Alumni Recognition Awards are granted to exceptional members of the alumni community. Created by INSEAD and the INSEAD Alumni Association, these awards honour and celebrate individuals who have demonstrated excellence and a strong commitment to the school. Each year, the Award Committee selects recipients for each award category.


Only INSEAD alumni, faculty, staff and board memberas may nominate alumni for an Alumni Recognition Award. 

Awards Criteria 

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Recent Award Recipients

"During my year at INSEAD, I decided to work for the common good, to consider all this wonderful education as a new responsibility, and to use everything I learned to make the world a better place. Thank you INSEAD for recognising such efforts and for showing that trying to be a force for good is a valued choice of career and life."

"ChangeNOW is about shaping a new narrative about the role businesses and institutions play in building a sustainable world. INSEAD has not only played a critical role in our story, it is also a major contributor to this new narrative in its capacity to educate current and future generations of business leaders. We are humbled by this distinction and hope it will inspire others to put positive impact at the core of their mission."

"I am honored to receive the Volunteer Leader Award for the privilege of doing what I love to do! Giving back to a community from which I received so much not only made my life happier, but more meaningful as well. Volunteering with a group of like-minded people, while working towards a greater good, made our time together more impactful and fun. Churchill got it right when he said, ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

"As it is for many alumni, INSEAD has changed my life. When I heard an INSEAD donor say a few years ago that he was giving according to the principle ‘Learn, Earn and Return’, I felt my time had come to help INSEAD continue changing the lives of future generations. I dedicate this award to my mother and grandfather, both schoolteachers, who very early on showed me the importance of education as a force for good, and to all donors who contribute to INSEAD’s cause."

"In 2022, more than 65,000 alumni spread all over the world could not ignore 100 Ukrainian alumni - 100 Ukrainians and their families who were connected to INSEAD. I am glad that, through the Shelter Initiative, we were able to host 600 Ukrainians in 35 countries. INSEAD SOLIDARITY!"

"I deeply share the values of diversity and inclusion advocated by INSEAD…these values make the INSEAD community special and impactful. It’s a community demonstrating solidarity when members are impacted by crisis, such as the war in Ukraine. A community mobilising as a team to welcome fellow alumni and their families in difficult situations."

"The INSEAD experience provides the tools, confidence and inspiration to unshackle from self-limitation. To change one's mindset from "Could this ever be possible?" to "Why are we not doing this?” The school in its unique fashion, through its innovative faculty and diverse student body, removes the fear of boundaries, be they national, cultural or conceptual."

"My time at INSEAD inspired me to build ENVI Lodges, a brand and hotel management company that promotes sustainable tourism and acts as a force for good in the hospitality space. The INSEAD community has been a great support since ideation and gave me the boost I needed to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. I am deeply honored by this award and would like to share it with all INSEAD entrepreneurs who value doing well by doing good."

"I’m honoured to be honoured by INSEAD. There are so many talented graduates of INSEAD worthy of an award that to be selected for this one is very gratifying. My success is, in big part, due to the partnership between David Stevens and myself in creating and growing Admiral Group plc. We met at INSEAD and became friends there. Without this partnership, both our lives would have been very different. We built an incredibly successful company and now are both spending much of our time ‘giving back’ through our respective family foundations. Thank you, INSEAD!"

"Admiral is in many ways a child of INSEAD. We’ve inherited a lot of our culture and, over the years, many of our most talented managers from INSEAD. That’s why it’s even more meaningful for Henry and myself to be recognised in this way."

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INSEAD Alumni Global Entrepreneurship Award
INSEAD Alumni Emerging Entrepreneur Award
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Awards Committee

The Alumni Awards Committee reviews all award nominations and chooses winners based on their credentials and merits who also fit the category criteria.