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Virginia Brumby

Virginia Brumby MBA'09J

Founder and Director, Survival Chic

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Virginia is a communications, business development and partnerships specialist with a passion for sustainability, community engagement and customer journey. She has a 20-year track record of leading diverse teams to success in terms of engagement, profitability, fundraising, relationship-building and client loyalty across 5 continents. Founder and Director of Survival Chic since 2010, she is currently launching a new venture focused on Sustainable Workplaces. President of the INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF) in Singapore and a Board Member of the SG INSEAD Alumni Association (NAA), Virginia is also an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD and Co-Lead of the Community Impact Challenge Academy. She moonlights as a "professional" emcee and has previously worked in journalism, luxury travel, law, diplomacy, various startups, and (too briefly!) as a pastry sous-chef.