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Open Online Programmes for Teams in Public Cohorts

Our Expertise

INSEAD offers a world-class portfolio of award-winning online programmes that address the most pressing business challenges of today.

Leveraging INSEAD thought leadership from our renowned faculty, our deep expertise in executive education, together with a cutting-edge online learning platform and best-in-class pedagogy, our programmes are unique ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning experiences. We deliver unparalleled results, for your people and for your business.

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The Unique INSEAD Business Impact



Personalised Coaching

Each participant receives one-to-one coaching from a learning coach. Learning coaches, led by INSEAD alumni, are there to guide the learning journey; reviewing new concepts, unlocking understanding, helping to set context, and acting as a critical sounding board as your participants embed ideas and focus them around critical objectives. Coaches simultaneously accelerate learning and empower participants to apply new tools and frameworks as they progress.

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Action Learning Projects

Action Learning Projects (ALP) are a core element of the online programmes, designed to increase business impact. The guided ‘real-world assignments’ feature of the programmes encourages participants to take newly acquired skills and apply them within the context of their actual job and organisation. The projects are closely aligned with the learning in the programme and benefit from the learning community, with feedback from the learning coach and from peer review.

Corporate Pre-payment Scheme for Online Programmes

Optimise your scheduling and budget to develop your talent at scale.

Two pre-payment options are available to reserve seats on INSEAD’s award-winning online programmes.

Pre-payment options give you the ease and flexibility to schedule your professional development activities in advance. You can plan better and organise your calendar for maximum impact to ensure your people have access to the right programmes, at the right moment in their career and your business cycle.

Option 1: 40 Standard Seats
Option 2: 90 Standard Seats

• Access to INSEAD’s complete portfolio of Open Online Programmes for executives and teams

• Enrolment: up to 25 participants per programme session

• Validity: 12 months

The INSEAD Ecosystem

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Partner With Us

How do you effect organisational change at scale? In today’s volatile global market, and with INSEAD as your online learning solution partner, we will help you help your talent build the skills that they need to adapt to changing times. Together, we can cultivate a growth mindset on a systemic level and meet organisational challenges head on.

Icon Online Programme for Individuals

Within the INSEAD ecosystem, your executives will be able to stack their online programmes to gain the INSEAD Online Certificates, which also count towards the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management. The INSEAD Online Certificate provides your people with the formal recognition from the top global business school in the world.

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INSEAD Learning Hub

INSEAD programme participants will also receive a free subscription to the INSEAD Learning Hub app, a genuine pathway to the future of business management. Its multi-format, bite-sized content and rich communities will transform participants’ INSEAD experience into a continuous lifelong learning journey.

Our Online Learning Platform

INSEAD online programmes leverage next-generation online learning technology. Our learning platform is intuitive, easy to use and highly interactive, empowering you to engage fully with content, with faculty and with your peers. You spend your time learning, not learning to navigate our platform.

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Content is released week by week, giving participants a high degree of flexibility to learn at a rhythm that suits them and helps balance work commitments and scheduling. Learning is facilitated anytime, anywhere.

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Video lectures and industry interviews are recorded at INSEAD to the highest-quality standards to capture all the dynamism of a live classroom experience. The content is structured into bitesized chunks that are easy to digest between meetings, or when travelling.

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Each week’s content provides a perfect blend of video lectures, quizzes, simulated exercises, discussions and personal reflections. Learners are able to interact with peers through discussion forums and study groups. They also have the opportunity to interact with faculty through live calls and just-in-time videos.

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Choose The Format That Works For Your Organisation

INSEAD offers a comprehensive portfolio of readily accessible, award-winning online programmes designed for executives from a broad range of industries, geographies and sectors, throughout a variety of tailored programme formats. We can also create customised learning formats, whether hybrid, online or in-person, that are tailored to your organisation's needs.

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