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Programmes delivered by Emeritus - CSO Programme

Creating Winning Strategies for your Organisational Goals

Changes to the business landscape have made the strategic planning process more complex and demanding. Organisations are increasingly relying on the role of chief strategist to work with the chief executive officer, other executive officers on the leadership team, and the board of directors to develop and communicate company strategy. The INSEAD Executive Education Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Programme will prepare you to respond to market disruptions and reshape your organisation's strategic priorities for long-term growth with insights from a global business school.

Delivered by Emeritus, the Chief Strategy Officer Programme has been expertly designed with the needs of busy senior executives in mind. It offers the flexibility to customise your learning for maximum impact, including choice of topical electives. An immersive ten- to twelve-month programme, which will provide you a holistic learning experience covering strategy, leadership and performance management.

DateLengthLocationTuition Fee*
24 Sept 202410-12 monthsOnline€ 25,710

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Key Takeaways

The programme will prepare you to:

  • Create and adapt strategic plans in uncertain and changing environments
  • Design compelling value propositions while considering stakeholder needs and promoting sustainability
  • Plan the integration of performance and progress, ensuring alignment with overall organisational goals
  • Identify growth opportunities and develop a comprehensive corporate strategy
  • Apply innovative and collaborative approaches for strategic positioning and long-term success in dynamic and evolving markets
  • Apply effective collaboration and forge strategic partnerships to drive growth and innovation
  • Establish and agree upon strategic priorities with stakeholders, fostering organisational alignment
  • Demonstrate mental resilience and mindfulness skills to make effective decisions and execute strategies with greater focus, clarity and adaptability
  • Demonstrate effective strategy formulation, analysis and implementation to implement plans effectively.

Participant Profile

ECSO Participant

The programme is designed for:

  • Senior strategy executives looking to hone their skills to advance to a C-level position and have greater input into the strategy development of the organisation
  • Leaders of mid-sized companies aiming to further their career in a larger conglomerate or wanting to develop a more holistic view of strategy beyond their domain expertise

Upon graduation participants will be awarded a digital certificate and gain complimentary alumni status.*

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* Participants will gain complimentary alumni status for a period of three years. A minimal annual membership fee will be required to maintain the status thereafter.


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