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EMFin Webinar May 2024


Join our exclusive Finance Masterclass to discover the financial dynamics of a firm. Led by esteemed Professor Joel Peress, this class will dissect the intricate financial dynamics of The Brick House, a fast-growing firm navigating its financial challenges. You will learn to analyse key success drivers, explore alternative financing options, and develop practical analytical tools to effectively gain insights into financial landscapes across industries.

This is not just a typical webinar, but a masterclass designed to immerse you in the INSEAD Executive Master in Finance (EMFin) experience. You will engage in impactful discussions and gain actionable insights. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to enhance your financial knowledge and skills.

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Sustainable investing – investing in “sustainable” funds – has been one of the hottest areas of growth in the financial market. However, an increasing number of sustainability measures, a lack of standards, and greenwashing are causing concerns. What is the record of sustainable investing? Can it achieve true sustainability? How can companies and executives contribute to a sustainable world? Join us where Lily Fang, Professor of Finance, Programme Director of Finance for Executive at INSEAD, will illustrate how your work as an executive can contribute meaningfully to true sustainability.

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