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Future Food & Ag Leadership programme from Agrohub, AgFunder and INSEAD

The programme will help you build the core capabilities of leadership and make effective decisions in the modern VUCA-world

What is leadership today?

Is leadership about delivering superior results, building highly-performing teams and enduring organisations? Or is that and more? Why are some organisations consistently more successful than others? 

The Future Food & Ag Leadership programme from Agrohub, AgFunder and INSEAD seeks to answer these questions and to provide insights into leading and strategising in today’ world.

Held over 3 days in Fontainebleau, with a further 2 days of virtual seminars, the programme will help you build the core capabilities of leadership in turbulent times, hone your strategic thinking skills, better understand global trends and trends in the agricultural sector, as well as learn how to make effective decisions in the modern VUCA-world.

Our Participant Profile

The programme is particularly suited to senior executives of companies of all sectors in the agro industry, including, but not limited to:

  • Producers of agricultural crops and animal husbandry
  • Producers of agricultural inputs, materials and equipment
  • Executives of food production companies
  • Traders, distributors and sellers of agricultural products, food, raw materials, resources, consumables and equipment

How You Benefit

Knowledge and skills

Build a broad set of senior manager skills, covering the areas of leadership, strategy, digital transformation and sustainability

Trends awareness

Stay current with shifts in market demand, regional and global trends, and local operating realities

Grow your network

Interact with peers, exchange experience and share the latest insights

Certificate This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Programme Director

Dates and Fees

Investing for a lifelong learning journey at INSEAD

Discount and Financing

Programme certificate

on completion of the programme


Agrohub is agricultural advanced-analytics center with a team of data scientists, industry experts and management consultants experienced in applying analytics and big data to agrobusiness challenges.

Agrohub provides quality analytics and helps growers increase revenue, reduce costs and risks, become more profitable by using the tools to make the right decisions about efficiency and personnel, and conducts research to help agro leaders develop a deeper understanding of available technology solutions.