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PhD in Management

Academics and Research - PhD in Management

Areas of Specialisation

Our eight choices of specialisation cover the whole breadth of business – and the entire business school curriculum. During the first two years of the programme, there are core courses common to all areas, giving you insights from other disciplines and confidence for your future career. As a PhD student, along with these core courses, you will take a set of advanced course requirements applicable to your chosen field and these must be met in order to qualify and progress in your PhD studies.




Accounting research seeks to identify and understand the market and institutional forces that affect the production and use of information by organisations broadly defined to include people, firms, not-for-profit entities, government agencies, etc.  

Decision Sciences

Decision Sciences is an interdisciplinary field that draws on economics, forecasting, statistical decision theory, and cognitive psychology. Broadly speaking, Decision Sciences addresses three fundamental and inter-related questions.


Entrepreneurship research at INSEAD seeks to understand creation and growth of new organisations and markets, renewal of existing companies, creation of new businesses within existing firms, innovation, and family business in a global world.


Finance studies the workings of the financial system in an economy, and its role in channelling financial resources from suppliers of capital to its final users, and in allocating risk among investors.


Marketing is one of the broadest and most encompassing areas in a business school. It involves a deep understanding of how consumers and firms interact on a number of dimensions in the market.

Organisational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour is a core field of study in INSEAD. Drawing upon psychology, anthropology, sociology and economics, this field examines how the organizational, social, and economic context influences behaviour and how, in turn, behaviour influences context.  


Faculty members of the Strategy area are concerned with the foundations of sustainable superior firm performance. 

Technology and Operations Management

Technology and Operations Management encompasses all activities that an organisation carries out to transform inputs into value for the customer.

Programme Structure

We will not deny that it entails hard work indeed, but the INSEAD PhD in Management could represent five of the most fulfilling years of your life.

Years 1 and 2

Area of Exploration


Becoming an expert

  • Coursework (core + advance)
  • PhD campus exchange
  • Research practicum
  • Summer paper
  • Research paper
  • Academic writing preparation programme
  • Field comprehensive exam

Years 3,4 and 5

Dissertation and Research


Award of PhD degree

  • PhD candidacy
  • Research and dissertation proposal 
  • Job market review and search
  • Submission and defence of dissertation 
  • Graduation

Throughout the Programme

Your Doctoral Journey with the INSEAD PhD.


Essential Academic Skills and Training

  • PhD teaching preparation programme
  • Teaching practicum
  • Soft skills training
  • Participation in conferences
  • Annual performance review

INSEAD Doctoral Courses


Research is a fundamental component of the PhD Programme at INSEAD.  Our doctoral degree is designed to teach you many cutting edge research methodologies to enable you to contribute to a global body of knowledge that informs how business is and should be conducted.  Our programme will train you to create and even publish your own original body of research, which will become the foundation for your career as a professor in business.

Campus Exchange

Campus exchange is an integral experience of the students' doctoral journey. PhD students will have the unique opportunity to spend time in Europe and Asia and...Read more

Our Campuses

With campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and North America, INSEAD’s business education and research spans around the globe. The PhD Programme, although taught across the Europe and Asia campuses, benefits from this truly global educational experience.

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Campus Exchange

With campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and North America, INSEAD’s business education and research spans around the globe. The PhD Programme, although taught across the Europe and Asia campuses, benefits from this truly global educational experience.

The INSEAD - Wharton Alliance

INSEAD's alliance with The Wharton School is a major strategic partnership between the two schools. Each school offers complimentary centres of expertise and campus locations for a compelling global network that no other school can offer. Exchanges and visits of doctoral students are significant pillars of this long-standing relationship. PhD students primarily benefit from this collaborative relationship between the two schools. Some financial aid may be available through the Alliance Centre for Global Research and Development for exchanges and other research-related activities, all subject to prior approval by both schools.

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Dual-Degree PhD

As part of our ten-member Sorbonne Université Alliance membership, PhD candidates can benefit from a dual doctorate with Sorbonne Université. INSEAD is proud to be part of the Alliance Sorbonne Université, which provides members with access to numerous shared programmes and projects in a cross-disciplinary and global approach to education and research.

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