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PhD in Management

Admissions and Financing - PhD in Management


Competition starts early in the INSEAD PhD in Management. Only 16-18 students from a large pool of applicants are admitted each year across Europe and Asia campuses. However, the programme's rigorous academic standards and healthy competition drive students to become top academics and researchers, empowering them to create positive change. Therefore, it's crucial to start preparing early and put in your best efforts to secure a spot in this prestigious programme.

Financing Your PhD

Five-year PhD Funding

In practice, it is rare for PhD students to fund their studies from their resources. As the programme is rigorous and intensive and expectations are high, we do not want our students to bear the financial burdens typically associated with a doctoral study.

Tuition Fee


Tuition Fee Waiver


Tuition fee for the First two years (waived)

21,000 €

Dissertation Fees from third to fifth year (waived)

Annual Funding

For first five years of the programme until the end of June the fifth year*

Includes living allowance and accommodation

Research and Conference Support

Will be provided in addition to the annual stipend

Health Insurance

Including spouses and children (if applicable)

The INSEAD Fellowship is available for the first five years (until the end of June the fifth year*) of doctoral studies and renewed annually dependent on the candidate's satisfactory progress.

*The funding will stop either at the end of June in the 5th year (by which time a candidate is expected to have secured an academic position) or as soon as a candidate begins working at a university, business school, or any other relevant institution while still completing their graduation requirements (if this occurs before the end of June in the 5th year). Annual support, i.e., tuition fee, stipend, research and conference budget, and health insurance coverage, regularly undergoes review. Newly admitted and current students must refer to the PhD guidelines or consult the PhD Programme Office for the latest updates.

Upcoming Events

02 Mar '24

Doctoral Programme

The INSEAD PhD at the 28th MIT European Career Fair 2024

We invite prospects based in or visiting MA, USA, to meet the INSEAD PhD at the 28th MIT ECF 2024 on March 2nd. 

If you are interested in cutting-edge research, impactful academia, or simply exploring your career options after your undergraduate or master's degrees, meet with our PhD Programme Director to discuss your career plans or milestones and what you can do to prepare should you decide to pursue the INSEAD PhD in Management. 

Add the event to your calendar:

MIT Johnson Race Track, Cambridge, MA
MIT Johnson Race Track, Cambridge, MA
9:00 - 16:00 EST (e.g., NY Time)
Open to Public
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20 Mar '24

Doctoral Programme

DocNet PhD Recruiting Forum @ Washington University in St. Louis

DocNet PhD Recruiting Forum is an annual recruitment fair for individuals passionate about research and seeking an academic career as a management professor. We highly encourage you to attend the session to meet us and representatives from top doctoral programmes worldwide and gain valuable insights about this exciting and promising career. 

Visit for more information. 

Upcoming schedule: 

Washington University in St. Louis on Wednesday, 20 March 2024

17:00 - Onsite registration
17:30 - Panel Discussion
18:30 - Recruitment Fair


Bauer Hall (Connected to Knight Hall and next to the Knight Center)
Washington University in St. Louis
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130 
GPS: Throop Drive and Snow Way Drive 
Visitor parking is available on the 4th level of Millbrook Garage. Parking rates by the hour.

Washington University in St. Louis
Washington University in St. Louis
17:30 - 19:30 CDT (UTC -5)
Open to Public
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