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Initiative for Learning Innovation and Teaching Excellence

Initiative for Learning Innovation and Teaching Excellence

Why We Exist

Gianpiero Petriglieri

Academic Director, iLITE
Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Educational institutions are as significant as ever to individual development. Students expect us to equip them with the knowledge and skills that will serve them well in the workplace, and also help them to develop identities and connections that will sustain them throughout their working lives. Supporting truly transformative learning requires advancing our knowledge of human development, putting students’ learning journeys at the centre of course design, developing instructors who can facilitate such learning, rethinking learning environments, and providing spaces for reflection and imagination. iLITE’s mission is to support INSEAD’s capability to provide transformative learning experiences through research, faculty development workshops, instructional coaching, and public engagement. We welcome you to explore these activities on our website and make use of our knowledge and resources.

Gianpiero Petriglieri

Academic Director, iLITE
Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

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What We Do

We support the calling and the craft of teaching for INSEAD faculty and beyond and instructors’ ongoing development within a diverse community of learners.

Pedagogical excellence and innovation at INSEAD are our goals as we foster a community dedicated to ongoing teacher development.

Instructional Coaching

What is Instructional Coaching?

Instructional Coaching involves a combination of expert consulting in teaching and learning (learning theories, effective teaching methods, and course/session design), and reflections on how nonverbal communication and emotions affect relationships and classroom dynamics.

Is this for all professors?

Yes. It is open to every faculty member at INSEAD – junior, mid-career, senior – teaching across all courses and programmes.

Who will be providing instructional coaching?

Europe campus: Annie Peshkam, Director of iLITE & Instructional Coach. Annie has a PhD in Learning Sciences and a Certificate in Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development.
Asia campus: Josephine Teo, Instructional Coach. She has an EdD, MBA, and is an accredited Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

How does this work?

This is the instructional coaching process: pre-brief - observation - debrief, observation - debrief, and so on.

If you wish to be observed, email Annie or Josephine with suggested times to “pre brief.” This is a meeting before a class observation to discuss your experiences thus far, and whether you have any areas you would like your coach to focus on. Your coach will then observe a session of your choice and take notes from the back of the classroom. You will meet with your coach soon after for a “debrief” coaching session. Observations and debriefs can reoccur through as many iterations as needed.

What will we talk about in a coaching session?

They offer three approaches to coaching: (1) concrete feedback about teaching methods and delivery based on your real-time work in the classroom; (2) deeper reflections to help you overcome any barriers or challenges with respect to teaching and classroom dynamics; or (3) conversations combining both technical feedback and reflective exploration. The course of the coaching sessions is up to you.

Will all discussions be confidential?

All coaching sessions are entirely confidential and they will in no way impact your institutional evaluation. They will not, under any circumstances, discuss any individual professor’s performance with any third party. This programme is solely for your benefit, and your teaching career growth.

Can I receive coaching outside of classroom observations?

Yes! Sometimes, the challenges that emerge during teaching development call on more in-depth exploration. Annie and Josephine are happy to provide a series of in-depth coaching sessions outside of direct observations. Please contact them for further information on the nature of these coaching sessions. In addition, Annie and Josephine provide coaching on general teaching concerns around a course (e.g. administrative issues, student management, norm setting), specific teaching challenges inside the classroom (e.g. dealing with a challenging student in class, reflections on past teaching experiences), course or session design, and interpretations of course evaluations.

We offer instructional coaching to all INSEAD professors, across all campuses and all degree programmes. While we give priority to new professors, anyone is welcome to request instructional coaching on an ongoing basis.


Faculty Mentee: What to Expect

  • Refer to the Junior Faculty Teaching Development Plan
  • Seek out your teaching mentor when you need assistance with teaching
  • Meet with your teaching mentor and iLITE coach early in the academic year to discuss your development needs
  • Try to prepare a draft of the course (i.e. slides, teaching plans) at least one month before teaching begins
  • See the resources on the site that support course preparation and teaching
  • Regularly consult your teaching mentor as you observe others teach and prepare for the course
  • Make sure your mentor will be among the list of colleagues who will observe your sessions
  • Try to practice teaching in an amphitheatre at least once with your mentor, iLITE coach and other colleagues sitting in the audience

Faculty Mentor: What to Expect

  • Reach out to your teaching mentee when they join INSEAD to establish your presence and support
  • Create a positive and conducive environment for your mentee to grow, learn and excel at teaching
  • Meet with your teaching mentee and his/her iLITE coach early in the academic year to discuss your mentee’s targeted observations and development needs
  • Observe at least one of your mentee’s sessions and provide detailed and concrete feedback to improve his/her teaching delivery (see Observation Guide)
  • Meet regularly with your teaching mentee to discuss his/her progress and the ways in which he/she could improve and receive support moving forward
  • Follow up with your mentee on his/her progress during the first 16 months (or first two rounds of teaching)

New professors, with or without teaching experience, benefit from the support of a teaching mentor within their academic areas. We support the mentor-mentee relationship by helping areas choose the right person to mentor newcomers, and meeting with the pairs to help the mentor best support their mentee's needs and aspirations.

Peer Observations

Facilitating transformational learning at INSEAD means, first and foremost, learning from and with colleagues and students. All new professors are offered a plan to observe and be observed by colleagues. An instructional coach and the mentor have a discussion with the mentee about who they may benefit from observing. Experienced faculty are encouraged to observe one another to keep up with learning innovations and continue to develop their teaching.

Leading Management Education Programme

For New and Pre-tenured Faculty

At the beginning of the academic year, we organise the Leading Management Education (LME) programme to support new faculty members’ transition to teaching at INSEAD. The programme is specifically designed for faculty to gain a deeper understanding of our culture and students. It provides a unique opportunity to experience different teaching methods employed by some of the most effective INSEAD's most effective professors, to practise and receive feedback on teaching skills, and to collectively discuss and address teaching concerns.


Programme Timing



3.5 days

Fontainebleau, France