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Organisational Behaviour - Academic Areas

Organisational behaviour

The OB area has 30 permanent faculty members. Every year we also welcome visiting professors from other universities.

We offer courses for MBAs, EMBAs, MiMs, PhDs, and Executives.

We conduct research on a variety of phenomena including discrimination, decision-making, leadership, dispute resolution, negotiations, creativity, teams, careers, identity, diversity, networks, innovation, change, culture, hierarchy, organisational structure and design, inequality, status, and power. We also study meta-science and methodological issues. 

Our MBA & EMBA courses include core courses on Organisational Behaviour and electives on Negotiations, Power and Politics, Psychological Issues in Management, Embracing Complex Change, Advanced Group Dynamics, LEAN Networking, Leadership and Communication and Conducting Business Across Cultures.

Our MiM courses include LEAD, Working in Teams, Diverstity Equity & Inclusion and Paths to Power.

Our PhD courses include Introduction to Social Psychology, Introduction to Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Theory, Organisational Psychology, Organisational Sociology, Social Networks, Experimental Design, and others. 

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