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Marketing and Sales Excellence Initiative

Marketing and Sales Excellence Initiative

MSEI Co-Directors

The INSEAD Marketing & Sales Excellence Initiative (MSEI) combines the energies and talents of the school’s research and educational capabilities with INSEAD alumni & global professionals in marketing & sales roles. MSEI’s primary focus is to provide a global meeting space for senior executives to learn and create thought leadership, disseminate knowledge, and share best practices with peers among a strong network of business leaders and experts with a common interest in marketing & sales topics.

Based on INSEAD Europe Campus, MSEI offers its members exclusive access to best and next practices in marketing & sales, and a safe environment for learning, connecting, sharing and networking with peers, via both online and in-person meetings. MSEI is supported by a distinguished advisory board of senior marketing & sales executives with roles such as Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sales Officer.

MSEI Vision

To serve as the premier global forum on Marketing & Sales Excellence practices for customer-centric leaders.

MSEI Mission

To shape the future of value creation and sharing between individuals, organizations and society at large.


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Overview of MSEI

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Global Subscription Penetration Study

Join us in this first of a kind global study of subscription business. Increasingly, economies around the world have witnessed a significant emergence of new subscription-based business models across industries — think Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Microsoft, Salesforce, Caterpillar, and Nespresso. The pandemic has further accelerated the emergence of subscription-based offerings as they meet customers' need for convenience, flexibility, personalisation and value for money. The Subscribed Institute, a dedicated think tank focused on the challenges and opportunities of the Subscription Economy, and INSEAD Marketing & Sales Excellence Initiative, are conducting a comprehensive exercise to assess and analyse major disruptions in the market while developing new insights across multiple industries. As a participant you will receive early access to the outcomes of this survey and strategic implications to businesses via an exclusive live, virtual Q&A session. The survey will require approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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Subscription Business Bootcamp

Overview of the Subscription Business Bootcamp

Participant Testimonials - Subscription Business Bootcamp

Breakthrough Business Relationships Consortium

Introduction of the Breakthrough Business Relationships Consortium

Participant Testimonials - Motivation

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Advisory Board


INSEAD Marketing & Sales Excellence Initiative (MSEI) reaches a major milestone with the launch of its innovative subscription-based membership model, backed by globally renowned industry leaders and innovative startups from Day 1.

Our flexible partnering model ensures maximum impact for MSEI member companies on their journey to Marketing & Sales Excellence.

To help you build customer-centricity at your own pace, choose from the following options:

  • Individual Member
  • Corporate Member
  • Research Partner

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