06 February 2019

INSEAD Continues its Global Campaign in Dubai

INSEAD is continuing to advance its vision on business as a force for good by holding the Global Business Leaders Conference (GBLC), as well as the Middle East launch of The Campaign for INSEAD on 24 February 2019.

05 February 2019

13 INSEAD cases emerge as The Case Centre best sellers in 2018

13 INSEAD cases have been listed among The Case Centre’s most popular cases of 2018. The Case Centre is a global organisation dedicated to promoting the case method in management education.

21 January 2019

2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index: Nurturing entrepreneurial talent identified as key to the competitiveness of nations and cities

  • Entrepreneurial talent has become a key differentiator in relative talent competitiveness
  • Talent still drawn to small, high-income economies and the United States
  • Washington, DC is the top performer in the cities’ ranking
  • Five-year analysis shows talent gap widening between unequal economies

17 January 2019

INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society joins SDG Tent at Davos

New INSEAD institute to host thought leaders, chief executives and experts to seek solutions that achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

16 January 2019

Why some companies are more profitable for years longer than their competitors

In a new paper “Performance persistence in the presence of higher-order resources”, Phebo Wibbens found that companies with “higher-order” resources can greatly outlast their competitors.


09 January 2019

New research reveals the enduring benefits of hiring a star

Working alongside a creative “master” will increase innovators’ creativity and the chance that, one day, they too will become a star.

19 December 2018

Asian business confidence wallows near 3-year low on trade worries

The 2018 Q4 Thomson Reuters/INSEAD Asian Business Sentiment Index edged up to 63 in the October-December quarter, slightly above a near three-year low of 58 seen in the previous period.

13 December 2018

Business, Government and Media must regain public trust

Academics, business and government leaders at INSEAD Forums discuss responsible leadership and global stewardship.

06 December 2018

Wage transparency works: Reduces gender pay gap by 7 percent

New research shows that the much-discussed measure of requiring firms to disclose gender segregated wage-statistics to clarify differences in women´s and men´s wages reduces the pay gap by 7 percent. An important step in the right direction and knowledge that can boost the ambition to ensure women the same pay for same work, researchers say.

05 December 2018

Is the European Union on the brink of disintegration?

A new INSEAD book analyses Europe’s ability to stay united.

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