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Healthcare Management Initiative

Healthcare Management Initiative

Our Mission & Expertise

Stephen E. Chick

Professor of Technology and Operations Management The Novartis Chaired Professor of Healthcare Management Academic Director, Healthcare Management Initiative

The healthcare industry, which comprises over 10% of the global economy, faces tremendous challenges as a consequence of ongoing demographic changes, economic and financial constraints, and inefficiencies that result in a mismatch between money invested and value realized by patients. 


The Healthcare Management Initiative at INSEAD was founded on the belief that many of the systemic challenges of the healthcare industry globally can benefit from the application of principles that stem from rigorous, evidence-based thought leadership. As the world’s leading global business school, INSEAD is uniquely positioned to contribute to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in this space. Faculty research is multi-disciplinary, with recent studies deepening our understanding of processes for more effective clinical trials, exploring the role of social and policy factors on public health outcomes, evaluating the impact of marketing on consumer...

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Stephen E. Chick

Professor of Technology and Operations Management The Novartis Chaired Professor of Healthcare Management Academic Director, Healthcare Management Initiative


INSEAD’s research complements the school’s perspective that business can serve as a force for good. Business principles have the potential to make a significant positive contribution to healthcare organisations. INSEAD’s positioning as the business school for the world, together with its multi-disciplinary faculty, allows for concepts from non-health sectors to be applied to healthcare in areas ranging from medical products and food consumption to service operations and policy.

As an interdisciplinary centre, the INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative (HMI) brings together faculty from technology and operations management, marketing, economics and political science, organisational behaviour, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Faculty research is linked to MBA and Executive Education programmes that focus on improving the effectiveness of healthcare delivery and wellness. 

Business Science

Pharmaceutical market access, scientific approaches to improving clinical trials, process and supply chain design, incentive structures and reimbursement policy, as well as business model innovation

Social Policy

Socioeconomic factors impacting child health and development; and the impact of healthcare financing, tax policy and health insurance on population-level health outcomes

Consumer Decision-Making

Impact of marketing tactics, consumer behaviour analysis and neuroscience to understand people's health and wellness decisions, with a specific focus on obesity.

Events and Seminars

Healthcare Reimagined: Is Innovation Moving Fast Enough in Healthcare?


The Health Economics Initiative of the Alliance Sorbonne Université (ASU) and the INSEAD Alumni Healthcare Club of France held their 2024 Healthcare Conference. The event took place on the Campus des Cordellliers of Sorbonne Université on April 2nd.

The conference theme revolved around the question: "Is innovation moving fast enough?" Participants delved into the profound impact of innovation on healthcare and deliberate on strategies to accelerate the pace of innovation and its adoption.

The focal point of the conference was a panel discussion featuring diverse and complementary perspectives, by our esteemed panelists:


David Sainiti, co-responsible du Numérique en Santé at the France Ministry of Health
Eric Thepaut, EMEA President, Boston Scientific
Jean-Christophe Dantonel, Managing Partner iBionext, former responsible for the Healthcare program at the Secrétariat Général pour l’Investissement
Laurent van Lerberghe, Investor Digital Health, former Chief Strategy Officer at Sanofi
Nathalie Coutinet, Health Economist and Professor at l’Université Sorbonne aris Associate Professor in Economic Sciences at Sorbonne University

The panel was moderated by Thomas London, partner at McKinsey&Company and lead on their Healthcare and Life Sciences Practices in France.

Introductory remarks were led by Timothy Van Zandt, Professor of Economics at INSEAD and Director of the Health Economics Initiative at ASU, and by Jian-Sheng Sun, Professor at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle and co-pilote of the Approche Globale de la Santé within SOUND, an ASU project for bridging academia and society.

Business and Society Summit

June 2023

Stephen Chick and Ridhima Aggarwal hosted a session on the role of business model innovation in transforming health systems in ways to deliver health value more effectively, and that parts that innovators, care delivery, and pharma/medtech contribute and the improvement of care quality and access to underserved populations. The session included a virtual reality journey to a Tanzanian clinic that is part of a collaboration with MBA students, Master Strategist Day, and NGO MiracleFeet.

Scaling innovation in genetics and precision medicine

May 2023

The session focused on latest trends in genetics and precision medicine, bringing together leading experts to discuss validation and operational use of technology inventions in this field. Our panelists, Julien Rey (MBA’14J); Co-Founder of FBB Biomed, Francois Paillier, CEO & Co-Founder CircaGene and Kostas Theofilatos, Co-Founder and CTO InSyBio, explored a range of topics, including customer discovery and payer sequencing and strategies for ensuring equitable access to these advancements without depleting resources. The discussion was moderated by Stephen Chick, Professor of Technology and Operations Management, INSEAD and Director of the INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative.

The Health Innovation Network, King’s Health Partners, and INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative: Innovation in the NHS and beyond

March 2023

Ridhima Aggarwal, Director of HMI, spoke on the topic of Health system transformation - INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative experience.

Achieving the Goal of Universal Health Coverage by 2030: Successes and Challenges from Emerging Market Countries

Jan 2023

A panel discussion on the topic of universal health coverage at the SDG Tent in Davos focused was on successes and challenges of achieving universal health by 2030 in emerging market countries, and speakers included senior experts from government and ministries of health from Indonesia, India, and Kenya along with a senior executive from the sustainability division at Philips.

Healthcare Data and Point-of-Care Innovation: Masterclass with INSEAD Professor Stephen Chick

June 2022

The event was hosted by the Swiss INSEAD Healthcare Club (CHIC). Stephen Chick, Academic Director of HMI, spoke on the topic of healthcare data, value creation and innovation optimising patient care.



MBA Healthcare Club

The MBA Healthcare Club brings together MBA participants who wish to start a career in the healthcare industry, those who are seeking to return to the healthcare industry after their MBA, or to simply want to learn more about this industry sector.

The two main goals of the club are to provide information and raise awareness about the healthcare sector for INSEAD MBA participants, and to help MBA participants prepare for a career in this industry.

The healthcare club brings together MBA participants who are interested in the healthcare industry, providing opportunities to share their experiences, to network with industry and other participants, and to meet with various career service representatives. The club also hosts conferences and seminars with industry speakers from pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare services and delivery, as well as consulting, banking and private equity.

Healthcare Alumni Network

The INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Network represents the interests of the approximately 2000 alumni working in the healthcare industry and associated fields. It's mission is to encourage networking and discussion on healthcare topics across geographic boundaries and industry sub-sectors.

INSEAD healthcare alumni are active in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices and healthcare services, as well as healthcare-focused consulting, banking and private equity. They work on six continents and include the CEOs of more than 50 healthcare companies.

The network was founded in 2006 and is run by a committee of alumni. It works closely with national healthcare alumni groups in several countries as well as INSEAD's Healthcare Management Initiative. The network also organizes an international conference, the INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Summit. Each year, over 150 alumni and industry leaders gather to discuss trends in the business of healthcare and to take part in what has become a leading industry networking event. 

There are active INSEAD Healthcare alumni in alumni country groups including Germany, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom and others. 

Alumni participate actively as volunteers, interviewing candidates, serving on governing boards, national alumni associations and reunion committees, and organising events. A majority are members of the INSEAD Alumni Association and its 42 national alumni associations, and return for their alumni reunions on campus. Over 1000 alumni volunteers worldwide serve in various capacities on national alumni association committees, and help to organise reunions and international speaking events as well as interviewing MBA candidates in their home countries.

Click here to join the INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Network group on LinkedIn.

Healthcare Executive Education Alumni Group

Alumni from the following Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust programmes may join our LinkedIn alumni group - INSEAD Health Leadership & Innovation - to connect and participate in discussions with fellow alumni.

Middle East Health Leadership Programme (MEHLP)

Innovating Health for Tomorrow (IHT)

Strategic Innovation for Community Health (STICH)

We are grateful for the support of Dr. Simba Gill and Sabi Dau to the INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative.