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Executive Education

Customised Programmes

Over 40 Years of Designing Custom Solutions for all Organisational Levels

Using innovative learning techniques, we design solutions for all levels of your organisation – from the board and C-suite, right through multiple leadership levels so that new behaviours and mindsets cascade throughout the organisation to enable continued transformation.

INSEAD faculty and a highly experienced client team partner with your organisation to create a learning solution directly tied to your organisation’s specific strategic objectives. And we can customise any programme in our open programme portfolio. We centre every custom programme around what your executives need to learn to do differently, to achieve your organisation's objectives. 

The result? An energised talent pipeline to drive sustained growth and secure competitive advantage in today’s and tomorrow’s global business landscape.

How it Works

Our customisation process is built on next-level customer centricity. We take a partnership approach to each custom solution focused - how your executives learn best, and how they can immediately apply their learning in the workplace - all expertly designed for maximum organisational impact.

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What are customised executive education programmes and what are their benefits?

Discover the essential elements of programme customisation and the core benefits of designing tailormade, specific programmes for teams and organisations.

What is involved in the designing of custom executive education programmes?

Identify key INSEAD stakeholders in the design process. Learn how we determine different levels of customisation and how we adapt to evolving needs and learning objectives.

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A man in a blue shirt attending one of INSEAD’s General Management Programme (GMP), which are management courses that trains and develops leaders as they transition into general management roles.

Customised Online Programmes for Organisations

An innovative approach to organisational change that harnesses the power of face-to-face learning and the unparalleled reach and impact of online pedagogy. INSEAD Cascade Methodology is a multilevel system of capability development programmes that is 100% tailored to your challenges and customised to your new strategy. We work with you to design each level of the programme, customising it for different management levels.

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INSEAD Executive Coaching

At INSEAD we believe that effective leaders contribute to the creation of sustainable organisations that are great places to work. We believe that it is down to leaders to empower people and build the kind of organisational culture that drives enduring competitive advantage. Our mission is to develop reflective leaders who steward and lead results-driven, adaptive and innovative organisations by putting people first.

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