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Leading the Effective Sales Force

Optimise the performance of your sales force and learn how to reduce costs while raising sales. 

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5 days
S$ 16,100

Optimise your sales force performance for competitive advantage

When people and resources are scarce and expensive, you need to make every investment in your sales force count. Your sales force is a major growth engine and a critical source of market feedback. At the same time, it can rapidly become costly and difficult to manage. Leading the Effective Sales Force helps you optimise the performance of your sales force by learning to reduce costs while increasing sales.

Discover how strategies like analysing your sales calls, realigning territories, shifting product or market emphases, reallocating salesperson time or adjusting sales force size can transform performance, generating maximum growth from your sales force. Learn to use compensation systems and organisational structures to motivate salespeople and third-party distribution channels to deliver outstanding results.

Leading the Effective Sales Force is an intensive experience that will change the way you approach sales and inspire results.

Our Participant Profile

The Leading the Effective Sales Force programme is designed for managers responsible for business development and planning in either local or international markets. Participants typically spend more than 50 percent of their time managing sales force issues.

How you benefit

Build competitive advantage

Learn how to make the sales force a key source of sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation.

Motivate your sales force

Develop comprehensive approaches to motivate and compensate sales staff.

Lead a dynamic sales team through new market challenges

Learn to manage a dynamic sales force in the face of increasing product, consumer and market complexity.

Certificate This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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Investing for a lifelong learning journey at INSEAD

Discount and Financing

30% Off

For INSEAD Alumni Community

Programme Certificate

after completion of programme
5 days
S$ 16,100

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