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Leading the Effective Sales Force

Optimise the performance of your sales force and learn how to reduce costs while raising sales. 

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5 days

Content Overview

Leading the Effective Sales Force is a marketing programme designed to help you optimise the performance of your sales force, as well as reducing costs while increasing sales. You will discover how to generate maximum growth from your sales force by analysing your sales calls, realigning territories, shifting product or market emphases, reallocating salesperson time or adjusting sales force size. At the same time, you will learn how to motivate salespeople and third-party distribution channels through compensation systems and organisational structures. Specifically, you will learn about the following:




Deployment and allocation of sales force resources

  • The generic problems in deployment and allocation of sales force resources
  • Identifying – and optimising – the relationship between resources and returns
  • Interactive exercise in customising deployment and allocation software to your business contexts


Management and strategy of key account sales efforts

  • Why do key account initiatives get into trouble?
  • When does a key account strategy make sense?
  • How to successfully design, execute and manage a key account initiative?


Compensation strategies 

  • The power and perils of compensation as a management tool
  • Fundamental building blocks for design of sales force compensation
  • The relationship between sales force compensation and sales force management


Realising judgemental biases and making better business decisions

  • The unconscious heuristics and biases that impact managerial judgement and decision-making
  • Remedies for correction of biases in decision-making
  • How to improve decision-making – when is a group better than the manager?


Sales force effectiveness

  • The drivers of superior performance in a sales force
  • How to identify the right hire?
  • What makes one salesperson more efficient than another?
  • How to influence salesperson effectiveness?


Tackling emerging markets

  • The sales force challenges in emerging economies
  • The organisational and managerial challenges for leading sales forces in emerging economies
  • Best practice