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Advanced Programme in Coaching Groups

An immersive learning experience designed for coaches to reach a deeper level of coaching expertise in group dynamics.

Advanced Programme in Coaching Groups

Recognising and working with conscious and unconscious dynamics is fundamental to effective coaching with groups. You already have a solid understanding of the pillars of group dynamics from your INSEAD Coaching Certificate. And you’re sensitive to the complexities of coaching groups, from recently formed and temporary groups to established teams.

The Advanced Programme in Coaching Groups is an immersion in group behaviour. It will help you reach a deeper level of coaching expertise in group dynamics. You will deepen your awareness of the unconscious forces in groups and build real confidence working with ambiguity as you develop your coaching practice further.

Our Participant Profile

The Advanced Programme in Coaching Groups is ideal for coaches who want to improve their ability to leverage team dynamics when coaching groups. Applicants must complete the INSEAD Coaching Certificate programme in order to be eligible.

How You Benefit


with a diverse group of coaches and build on your previous learning

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the exercise of authority, leadership behaviours, and team dynamics at different levels of analysis

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Increase awareness

of how individual behaviour is moderated by the group

M_png-Icon 12.png
Continue to develop

your coaching capacity within an immersive group experience

Deepen sensitivity

to how different group configurations impact behaviour

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Develop your effectiveness

in recognising, engaging and coaching with group dynamics

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Gain real insight

into leadership styles and enhance your effectiveness in harnessing group dynamics to effect positive change in groups and teams

Programme Directors

Dates and Fees

Investing for a lifelong learning journey at INSEAD

Discount and Financing

1 Module

To complete the Programme

30% Off

For INSEAD Alumni Community

Financial Aid

For French companies based in France