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Advanced Programme in Coaching Groups

An immersive learning experience designed for coaches to reach a deeper level of coaching expertise in group dynamics.

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4,5 days

Content Overview

The Advanced Programme in Coaching Groups is an immersion in group behaviour. It will help you reach a deeper level of coaching expertise in group dynamics. You will deepen your awareness of the unconscious forces in groups and build real confidence working with ambiguity as you develop your coaching practice further.

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Group Dynamics

Drawing on your understanding of working with groups in the here and now, this session will empower you to foster sharing and trust between group members to create an effective coaching space. Once context is set, you will be ready for your three-day immersive and experiential learning. Finally, you will be supported in integrating your lived experience into your practice of working with groups.

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Experiential Group Learning

This experience will give you the opportunity to learn about the exercise of authority, leadership behaviour, and team dynamics at different levels of analysis and how these factors influence both performance and sustainability in groups. It will give you the chance to explore the exercise of leadership in, and between, groups in uncertain and highly dynamic predicaments. Using multiple pedagogies, including outdoor exercises experiences, you will be working in depth with such concepts as task, authority, role, and boundary as they manifest themselves in groups in fast-paced and unfamiliar situations.

Engaging sensitively and honestly in the diagnosis of that experience is fundamental to working effectively and responsibly with people in groups. This programme will give you the opportunity to fully experience the unconscious forces that impact group behaviour and then to integrate that experience into your coaching practice. In addition, you will learn about your own leadership and followership preferences and have the opportunity to explore those in depth.


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Coaching with Groups

Coaching with groups – whether they are transient or intact and established teams – comes with additional layers complexity. Effective coaching with groups demands that you are simultaneously a part of and apart from the group; close enough to experience the dynamics and distant enough to be able to make sense of them and coach the group effectively towards performance and sustainability. The programme gives you the chance to explore how your own behaviour in groups or the role you adopt within groups relates to your role as a coach when working with groups.