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Programmes delivered by Emeritus - Supply Chain Strategies for Business - Online

Optimise Your Supply Chain for Sustainable Growth

Disruption and uncertainty continue to reshape almost every supply chain. Companies are looking not only to build resilience in supply chain operations but also leverage their supply chains as strategic assets that can deliver long-term business growth. An efficient and effective supply chain management strategy has the potential to reduce costs, improve inventory management, enhance customer service and help meet changing market demands. However, organisations require skilled supply chain leaders to navigate the complexities of the modern supply chain landscape and identify areas where value can be created.

Supply Chain Strategies for Business – Online programme equips you with the strategic capabilities necessary to capture the value potential of supply chains, whether through partnerships, digital transformations or sustainable practices. You will learn to align supply chain planning with business strategy, yielding improved results and a significant competitive advantage for your organisation.

DateLengthLocationTuition Fee*
13 Feb 20245 weeksOnline€ 1,990

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Key Takeaways

The programme will prepare you to:

  • Recognise best practices in M&A such as when to engage in M&A based on synergy and value-creation opportunities
  • Value acquisition targets and synergies and evaluate acquisitions from a financial perspective
  • Develop an intelligent M&A deal structure that mitigates key risks
  • Identify limits, challenges and enabling factors in M&A programmes
  • Design a post-M&A integration plan which accommodates the challenges of the acquisition at hand and enables the acquirer to create the anticipated value

Participant Profile


The programme is designed for:

  • Senior leaders and managers in supply chain looking to use successful supply chain strategies to contribute to business growth and become experts in agile supply chain operations in uncertain times
  • Consultants in supply chain looking to be the go-to person for insights that generate results for clients facing disruption.

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