Managing Partnerships and
Strategic Alliances


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Adding value through partnership

Collaboration can create new opportunities for competitive advantage, open new markets and broaden organisational capabilities. But, along with new opportunity, it creates a new set of management challenges. Managing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances equips executives with a deep understanding of the strategic purpose and value of partnerships and alliances. You will learn to analyse the when, why and how of effective collaboration and gain concrete skills for managing partnerships.

The Managing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances programme focuses on deepening your understanding of the strategic foundation, the governance structure and the dynamics of the collaborative process. The programme discusses the problems and stumbling blocks in selecting, negotiating and managing alliances. Unlike many alliance courses, this programme offers you the rare opportunity to learn from targeted case studies by scrutinising the overall evolution of the challenges encountered by these organisations. By leveraging on the testimonials of the actual “actors” we bring in as “guest witnesses” in these collaborations, the programme offers you an unparalleled opportunity to significantly improve your ability to assess potential alliances in depth, design them, and lead them to create long-term value for your organisation.

How you benefit

  • Understand the contribution alliances can make in developing and implementing your strategy.
  • Learn to design effective alliances. Acquire specific frameworks in partner selection, network development and alliance design
  • Gain insights for bridging and leveraging cultural differences across organisations. Build skills to help effectively address cultural issues, build mutual trust and capture value.
  • Build cross-organisational alliance implementation skills. Develop management approaches for anticipating and resolving tensions and conflicts at every stage in the collaborative process.
  • Develop methods for effectively sharing knowledge with partners. Understand what knowledge to share, and how, according to your assessment of partners’ expectations and the nature of knowledge.

Participant profile

The programme is designed for senior line managers and executives directly involved in running collaborative efforts and making key decisions about alliances and partnerships. Executives involved in cross-company collaborations on a day-to-day basis and who are directly responsible for their outcomes are likely to benefit most.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Which Strategy programme is for you?


We offer a variety of Strategy programmes designed to equip business leaders with the rigorous strategic thinking skills to uncover opportunities for creating and capturing value. View the comparison grid below to find out which Strategy programme best matches your needs.

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