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developing  your long game

All too often, in the daily pressure of achieving short-term financial results, managers lose sight of long-term goals, especially in today’s challenging economic climate. The key to ensuring that companies remain on track to reach these goals is the existence of a clear and focused business strategy.

Competitive Strategy is an intensive three-day programme that will equip you with practical knowledge, along with new skills and tools, to turn strategic ideas into actions for your business. By examining the best practices of some of the world’s most successful companies, you will learn to identify the important elements of winning strategies.

Through lectures, discussions and case studies, you will develop answers to the following questions.

  • Which industries and markets should I enter?
  • Which products should I invest in and which segments should I target?
  • Which advantages should I develop or build on?
  • How can I create value for customers in a better way than competitors?
  • Should I change our supply chain strategy?
  • How will my strategic decisions impact shareholder value?

How you benefit

  • Action-oriented planning. Improve your strategic thinking and focus on action.
  • Develop a skill set for implementing change. Sharpen your competitive skills and confidence to change the strategic management of your organisation.
  • Strategy for market entry. Fine-tune intuition and apply practical tools to break into new competitive markets.

Participant Profile

This programme is designed for executives who currently run a business or have profit-and-loss responsibility for a geographical area, and seek to improve their short- and long-term business performance. It is also for executives or teams who need to acquire skills quickly in strategic thinking, analysis and development.

The programme will also greatly benefit board members, strategic planners, investment bankers, strategy or technology consultants and financial analysts who need an understanding of, or an update on, competitive and industry dynamics in order to better advise clients.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

which strategy programme is for you?


We offer a variety of Strategy programmes designed to equip business leaders with the rigorous strategic thinking skills to uncover opportunities for creating and capturing value. View the At a Glance grid below to find out which Strategy programme best matches your needs.

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