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Executive Education

Participant of INSEAD Competitive Strategy programme

Competitive Strategy

Be equipped with practical knowledge, new skills and tools to turn strategic ideas into actions.

Upcoming Sessions
3 days
S$ 12,150

Content Overview

The Competitive Strategy programme aims to quickly and effectively sharpen participants’ competitive strategic skills as managers. Using case studies developed at INSEAD, participants identify the key analytical strategies needed to achieve long-term business success. 

You will learn the latest strategic concepts and tools, seek to change the way you manage by blending rigorous strategic logic with a ‘view from the trenches’, and network with a diverse and dynamic group of international peers. 

The content is divided into six main areas:

Money Exchange
Predict the profitability and profit pools of industries, supply chains and eco-systems
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Create unique resources and capabilities
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Create customer value
Money Plant
Integrate sustainability thinking into competitive strategy choices
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Competitive strategy and disruption
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Compete in markets with platform and winner-takes-all dynamics