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Our leadership coaching expertise - INSEAD Executive Coaching

At the INSEAD Executive Coaching, we believe that effective leaders contribute to the creation of sustainable organisations that are great places to work. Our outlook is that the ways leaders deal with their people and the type of organisational culture they create, are the real and enduring sources of competitive advantage.

Our mission is to develop reflective leaders who create results-driven, adaptive and innovative organisations by putting people first.

We deliver 200+ leadership development programmes or modules per year at Degree and Executive Education levels. Every session is guided by our philosophy of closely integrating spaces for action and spaces for reflection to achieve the maximum impact. We work across all three INSEAD campuses: Fontainebleau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. INSEAD Executive Coaching faculty and coaches also travel throughout the world to deliver company-specific learning. In addition, we offer follow-up sessions remotely using a variety of technologies from simple phone calls to customised social media and webinar platforms.

Virtual Executive Coaching

Develop self-awareness and personal insight for more effective leadership

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to have far reaching implications on society and business, organisations need reflective leaders who can act swiftly and decisively without losing the bigger picture. In times of chaos and turbulence the pressure to deliver and make the final call can however be challenging. It is during these times that crafting space for reflexion, developing self-awareness and exploring biases is key. Now, more than ever, coaching leaders has become even more crucial.

INSEAD's new on-demand Virtual Executive Coaching offers four one-to-one sessions with one of our highly experienced coaches - supporting you through the crisis and providing you with the tools and insights to become a better and more reflective leader.

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