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Programmes delivered by Emeritus - Mergers Acquisition Success Strategies

Drive Intelligent M&A Decisions for Business Growth

Companies that actively engage in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), even during times of economic uncertainty, are positioned to take advantage of opportunities for growth and expansion. However, in order for M&A deals to deliver synergies and create value, corporate strategy and M&A strategy need to be meaningfully aligned. After the deal is complete, the post-merger integration must be thoughtfully implemented.

Delivered by Emeritus, the INSEAD Executive Education M&A Success Strategies – Online programme will equip you with essential tools and frameworks to make better M&A decisions from start to finish.

DateLengthLocationTuition Fee*
07 Mar 20245 weeksOnline€ 1,990

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Key Takeaways

The programme will prepare you to:

  • Recognise best practices in M&A such as when to engage in M&A based on synergy and value-creation opportunities
  • Value acquisition targets and synergies and evaluate acquisitions from a financial perspective
  • Develop an intelligent M&A deal structure that mitigates key risks
  • Identify limits, challenges and enabling factors in M&A programmes
  • Design a post-M&A integration plan which accommodates the challenges of the acquisition at hand and enables the acquirer to create the anticipated value

Participant Profile


The programme is designed for:

  • Decision-makers looking to champion growth and M&As, as well as learn best practices in a competitive and changing market such as high–tech industries
  • Advisors and consultants on M&A strategy wanting to emerge as seasoned experts in M&A strategy and its process from both sides of the deal
  • Managers and analysts aiming to have eye-level conversations with senior leaders on M&A, of the M&A process and improved deal-making capabilities

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