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Accelerating Innovation Through Corporate Venturing

Large companies find themselves under increasing pressure to ensure rapid innovation. Not surprisingly, corporate venturing activities (CVA) are often at the top of boards and top executives' agenda. But can corporate venturing be an effective tool to identify valuable opportunities and build new businesses? – if executed well, it offers interesting avenues to accelerate innovation, open the doors for interactions with startups and foster overall growth for large corporations. Yet, for many companies, building new businesses—especially those that are substantially different from the parent organization's existing business—remains unfamiliar and challenging. What is the best way forward?

During the webinar Professors Claudia Zeisberger and Vibha Gaba discuss corporate venturing as an effective tool to identify valuable opportunities and build new businesses - and why it's popularity has grown exponentially in the past year.

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On-demand Webinar

Insights into Entrepreneurial Business Models

Do most entrepreneurs identify promising business opportunities and then build a business model to fit, or do they first find a novel business model and build the business around it? Watch this on-demand webinar with Professor Henning Piezunka to find out.

During the webinar Professor Piezunka shares his thoughts and insights into entrepreneurial business models and how they are developed. This is followed by a short overview of the Entrepreneurship: New Business Ventures Programme.

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Centres of Excellence


L’Entreprise Familiale: Forces et Défis. Pour plus d’informations, téléchargez la brochure.

Le 26 - 28 janvier 2021, le Centre Wendel pour l’Entreprise Familiale inaugure un cours de trois jours dédié aux membres d’entreprises familiales. 


The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Social Entrepreneurship Initiative leverages expertise in management education and training to develop and deliver the world’s best executive training for social entrepreneurs.