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Developing Emerging Leaders

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Learn to lead in a fast-changing digital world

Faced with new responsibilities, emerging leaders need to learn new skills and gain more self-awareness in order to motivate, inspire and lead high-performing teams. Moreover, in today’s increasingly digitised and interconnected world, boundaries are blurred, collaborations are more fluid and the pressure on businesses to be agile is immense.

What does it take to be an effective and mindful leader in such a dynamic world? How do you become more resilient and better at leading and making decisions in such uncertain times? Do the traditional models of leadership hold, or is the digital age seeing a new brand of leaders emerge?

Developing Emerging Leaders provides a unique perspective on leadership, designed to help executives adapt to the challenges faced by organisations in a digital environment. As an emerging leader, the programme takes you on a journey of learning to lead yourself – and then translates that knowledge into leading others and forming effective team collaborations. It will equip you with skills to overcome the constraints of your organisation’s leadership culture, and help you to step forward with a new perspective on leading your team in the digital age.

How you benefit

  • Learn to monitor and mould your own behaviour and grow your awareness of how it affects others
  • Discover how to create a workspace that motivates your team members to give their best while becoming skilful at providing feedback and having difficult conversations
  • Build successful teams by forming meaningful collaborations in digital organisations

Participant profile

Developing Emerging Leaders is designed for:

  • Professionals across industries who are progressing from being in an individual contributor role to leading a team of individual performers
  • Emerging leaders who are having to adapt to the demands of managing people and forming collaborations in a fast-changing digital environment

This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Online Certificates: Leading in a Transforming World.


Take your Action Learning Project to the next level for unprecedented impact


You now have the option to choose the Premium Journey for this programme and deliver an entirely new level of impact – for your organisation and your professional development.

The Premium Journey gives you the chance to take your INSEAD Action Learning Project much further. Working closely with your learning coach throughout the programme, you will fully customise your project around a specific need, challenge or opportunity that you or your organisation are facing. The journey begins with a phase of conceptual learning, during which you will formulate a plan for applying the concepts through your Action Learning Project, supported by in-depth conversations with your learning coach. This is followed by a phase of experimentation where you will iteratively implement your Action Learning Project in your organisation, assess results and adapt as needed. Your learning coach will continue to support you during this phase, acting as a sounding board to reflect deeply on what works, what doesn’t work and why.

By the end of your Premium Journey, you will be ready to deliver a robust, tested and validated plan for action – to create unprecedented value and impact for you and your organisation.

INSEAD's cutting-edge Online Programmes





Through outstanding design and delivery, INSEAD’s online programmes build upon our world-class faculty’s ability to convey very complex concepts in the simplest yet most comprehensible way.

  • Content designed specifically for the online format, including short high-impact videos
  • Professional, television-quality filming in INSEAD amphitheatres with actual participants
  • Use of relevant and engaging examples and short case studies from a wide range of industries

Through a rich set of interactive elements, we build a community of faculty, learning coaches and diverse, high-quality global executives who learn together as a group - one of INSEAD’s strengths.

  • A mobile-friendly learning platform built to maximise interaction and engagement
  • Faculty answering questions during the programme via live calls and just-in-time videos
  • A learning coach guides participants through the programme at each step, simulating content discussions and helping them with their learning.
Action-Learning Projects are a core element of the online programmes designed to increase business impact. 
  • The guided ‘real-world assignments’ feature of the programmes encourages participants to take newly acquired skills and apply them within the context of their actual job and organisation. 
  • The projects are closely aligned with the learning in the programme and benefit from the learning community, with feedback from the learning coach and from peer review.

Upon successful completion of all programme activities, combined with satisfactory grades on the final assignment, participants are awarded with an official Certificate of Completion from INSEAD, which they can also showcase on their LinkedIn profile. The top performers will receive a Certificate with Distinction.

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