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Leading successful change is no longer a managerial luxury but a critical necessity in today's dynamic environment. With the constant flux, has your organisation suffered from change fatigue and cynicism among employees? Change has the potential to impact your staff and their performance, despite bringing opportunties for growth and innovation that could change the course of your organisation.

Hear from Professor Vibha Gaba as she shares insights on how to overcome change fatigue and deliver on your change initiative effectively, as well as answer questions about her specially designed programme, INSEAD's Leading Successful Change.

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Overcome resistance and inspire action

Leading successful change is no longer a managerial luxury but a critical necessity in today's dynamic environment. Wise leaders recognise these necessary changes as opportunities for growth and innovation that could change the course of their organisation.

Yet businesses often struggle with change management, and most change initiatives fail to deliver on their promise. This high failure rate is due to several factors, including resistance to change, poor planning, failure to access critical resources, and lack of communication. Many executives report that the more they press for change, the harder and almost reflexively people push back.

Leading Successful Change is an intensive four-day programme designed to help you effectively lead change in your organisation. Through a well-balanced mixture of theory, coaching, and practical application, you will master the frameworks and tools needed to introduce, implement and embed change into your organisation. 

How You Benefit

Create the foundation for change

Enhance your understanding of the complexity of the change process

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Build your toolbox

Gain the skills required to initiate and execute change

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Understanding your change agenda

Gain insights into your specific change leadership challenges

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Roadmaps for organisational change

Create a detailed action plan that aligns your strengths with your change agenda

Who Should Attend

Our Participant Profile

10 - 20 years

of working experience

8 years

of managerial/leadership experience

The Leading Successful Change programme is designed for participants who:

  • hold mid to upper-middle management positions within public or private sector organisations.
  • are responsible for teams, units or larger segments of their businesses. The programme is especially relevant for those who lead strategic change initiatives within their organisations.

Applications are encouraged from teams or managers within the same organisation (up to three managers or executives), who are current or potential members of a change initiative implementation team.

Certificate This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

INSEAD Leading Successful Change Programme

Programme Directors

Important Information

An essential component of this programme is the opportunity to learn and perfect your change skills by doing instead of just thinking. Applicants must have at least one change initiative they would like to work on during the programme.

What are change initiatives?

Change initiatives are usually plans and actions to implement a transforming process in an organisation that could result in a change in the culture, systems and processes, human resources, logistics etc. Change initiatives come from all geographies, industries, and even career levels.

Common examples are:

  • Using Gen AI tools to support organisational processes and work 
  • Creating a company-wide culture of customer focus, digitalising a product or service
  • Setting up a new strategy and system in an overseas subsidiary – with a lot of pushback from local employees
  • Adopting a new organisational solution and making sure it's fully implemented
  • Motivating employees to accept changes in a continuously changing business nature
  • Facing the changes in employment/process/system due to taking over new markets or companies or being acquired by others

Arriving with a change initiative, participants can contribute their unique experiences, personalise the tools to their situation, and leave with an action plan by the end of the programme.  This practical learning is possible by including a change simulation in the programme – a proprietary system called Change Pro Simulation.

Designed at INSEAD to create a risk-free learning environment, the Change Pro Simulation challenges participants to work through a 120-day change initiative in just a few hours. This ensures a practical learning experience and a high transference of lessons learned in the programme to real-life impact on your work and organisation. The personalised coaching complements the learning-by-doing to help prioritise critical actions related to the participants’ change agendas. 

Dates and Fees

Investing for a lifelong learning journey at INSEAD

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1 Module

To complete the Programme

30% Off

For INSEAD Alumni Community

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4 days
S$ 13,600

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