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General Management

At the crossroads of your career, where expertise meets ambition, lies the opportunity to make a truly transformative leap. INSEAD's General Management programmes empower seasoned leaders to transcend functional silos, master the complexities of global business, and ignite change. No matter your background or industry, our management development programmes equip you with the knowledge, confidence, and global network to shape the future of your organisation. Explore our General Management training courses and unlock the boundless potential within.

Featured Programmes

Who Should Attend and Programme Fee

INSEAD’s General Management Programme portfolio can benefit a wide range of participants with 5 to beyond 12 years of work experience. This includes senior C-level executives, senior functional or technical managers transitioning to general management, and individual contributors aspiring to or recently gaining management responsibilities.

More information on participant profile, fee, and funding options including scholarship are available in each programme pages below.

Programme Duration

Different courses provide training within 2 to 4 weeks, with an option for blended learning that requires longer duration (e.g approximately 2 months).

On-Demand Webinar/Information Session: INSEAD General Management Programmes

The transition into general management and into management roles is not an easy one. It requires a transformation of thought and mindset. The skills that made you successful in your career to date, might not be the ones needed going forward.

During the information session, you will hear from past participants Julia Darvill and Ghada Othman and will learn more about our portfolio of general management programmes which are designed to give you the skills, the tools and the confidence needed to move into management and leadership roles with ease.

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A man in a blue shirt attending one of INSEAD’s General Management Programme (GMP), which are management courses that trains and develops leaders as they transition into general management roles.