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Aspiring Directors Programme


Prepare for your first board mandate

The Aspiring Directors Programme is a five-day programme that helps high potential professionals, managers or executives preparing for their first board mandate to acquire the knowledge base that directors are expected to master, and which form the basis of effective board membership.

Being a board member today is a very different role from being a senior executive and brings with it added complexity and unique responsibilities which are different from other management and operational roles. To successfully carry out a board mandate, directors must have a general overview of a company’s operational activities and corporate governance, including an understanding of its exposure to risk and strategic direction.

Through its Corporate Governance Centre, INSEAD’s Aspiring Directors Programme aims to answer the fundamental questions, such as: What are the main institutions, roles and processes in corporate governance?, How best can directors exercise their responsibilities in the boardroom?

Board members continually face new challenges like diversity, sustainability and digital advancements. Dynamic and immersive learning allows participants to understand the essential areas of the board - such as, architecture, structure, processes and the job market – allowing participants to progress into a board position with confidence.

How you benefit

  • Understand the broader context in which boards operate and the responsibilities that come with a director mandate
  • Gain an overview of the knowledge and competencies expected from directors in today's environment
  • Engage with topical issues such as the growing impact of digital technology on strategy and organisations, and on the role of the board
  • Develop director-specific competencies that contribute to the creation of a high-performing board

Participant profile

  • Professionals, managers or executives without experience as board directors that aim to serve in a corporate governance role
  • Family members and controlling shareholders of small and medium family companies
  • Executive of government and non-profit organisations and agencies. Professionals from the institutional investment community
  • Senior Executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO etc.)

Applicants should hold very little or no board experience as a director to date. 


Programme Partner

The director's development journey

  • 1
    Start with Aspiring Directors Programme (ADP) to prepare for first board mandate
  • 2
    Gain 3 years of board experience and join International Directors Programme (IDP) or International Directors Banking Programme (IDBP)
  • 3
    Become an INSEAD certified director (IDP-C)
  • 4
    Develop further competencies by taking 3 more Open Programmes (leadership, strategy, value creation) over 5-year period
  • 5
    Obtain INSEAD Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance

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INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance

Following the completion of either the International Directors Programme or the International Directors Banking Programme, participants receive the INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance. The certification is designed to be a global credential for board members operating internationally – the first of its kind offered by an academic institution. In addition, certificate holders can become a part of the INSEAD alumni community.

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INSEAD Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance

Eligibility to apply for the advanced certificate comes from the completion of the INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance, plus the completion of three further programmes. Designed for those who wish to further pursue their development across core competencies that are key to effective directorship.


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INSEAD Corporate
Governance Centre

The INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre was launched in 2010 and undertakes cutting-edge research and teaching tailored to the needs of boards and international directors. It aims to establish new programmes and events that foster a global dialogue on the challenges of corporate governance and leadership in an international context.


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