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INSEAD | Odgers Berndtson Consortium: Leadership Retreat Programme

An exclusive seminar in Luxembourg, led and facilitated by top INSEAD faculty.

INSEAD | Odgers Berndtson Consortium: Leadership Retreat Programme

Encouraging a new way of thinking that combines the mind, the heart and the soul

As the global landscape is disrupted, leaders are confronted with shifting global dynamics of power and transformational changes. The functionality of the system of the political, economic and social spheres cannot be taken for granted. Technology and environmental sustainability generate new pressures, reflected by the growing expectations of multiple stakeholders across a myriad of issues.

In this challenging environment, senior leaders are accountable for the performance and health of their organisations and of their people. They must navigate the new and the unknown, staying anchored to their values, providing meaning, inspiration, and driving results sustainably. It is time for an enriched paradigm and a new way of thinking that combines mind, heart and soul.

Programme begins on the 19th of April 2024.

Fee is 7,500 Euros and includes lunches, coffee breaks, dinner and accommodation.

To register and for payment information, contact Agnieszka Zajac and Del Lloyd at Odgers Berndtson

Our Participant Profile

This programme is designed for senior executives from a range of different business backgrounds and organisations.

How You Benefit

  • Benefit from a moment to set aside the urgent and consider the important, in an inspiring environment
  • Step back from daily business and embark on a reflective experience
  • Facilitated by experienced leaders and expert academics from INSEAD, explore and discuss the evolving characteristics of effective top executives and high-performance organisations
  • Reflecting the motto of 'little teaching, lots of learning' from you and peers, is the spirit and format of the Leadership Retreat
  • Broaden your network of peers

Certificate This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.