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Executive Education

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INSEAD and Scandinavian Executive Institute Partnership Programmes

This programme is tailored to Nordic Executives who wish to excel at the executive level

INSEAD and Scandinavian Executive Institute Partnership Programmes

Excellence in Partnership

INSEAD and the Scandinavian Executive Institute (SEI) have a long-standing, deep and extensive partnership offering world-class education to Nordic Executives.

Combining INSEAD's academic rigour and world-class thought leadership, with the SEI's position as a leading provider of international management training, the two organisations have created a number of high-level education programmes tailored to Nordic Executives who wish to excel at the executive level.

The Programmes

Executive Management Programme

The Executive Management Programme is designed to help C-Suite leaders build exceptional levels of strategic, high-performance and self-aware leadership skills. It also focuses on both your organisational and personal impact as a leader. All participants have every ambition to significantly strengthen their strategic, management and innovation competencies.

The Executive Management Programme is designed for senior executives, including CEOs, COOs, CFOs and heads of product divisions, geographical regions or other major business units within the private or public sectors.

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Executive Board Programme

The Executive Board Programme is a unique educational experience that aims to develop board members for the global business scene.

This programme offers practical and tested frameworks and tools to sharpen judgement and decision-making skills. It also augments the oversight abilities of directors seeking to boost their existing competencies or to be better prepared for new board mandates.

The Executive Board Programme is designed for potential professional board members, managers or executives preparing for their first board mandate to acquire the knowledge base that directors are expected to master.

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Advanced Board Programme

The Advanced Board Programme aims to develop the mindset and competencies of board chairmen and experienced board members.

The complex forces shaping the new global world have a direct impact on the board’s agenda and on the decisions that boards need to make. Boards need to take greater responsibility for their organisation’s course in this new global environment.

Advanced Board Programme seeks to deepen the understanding of the complexities of this new business landscape.

A dynamic mix of lectures and discussions enables participants to review and explore key issues such as the impact of digital technology on strategy and organisations, and on the role of the board.

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Leading Strategic Change

The Leading Strategic Change programme provides the insights and tools to bridge the difficult gap between the rational development of strategy and real-life execution. It helps to identify hidden traps, balance the rational with the emotional and build the internal capability to continue implementing strategy successfully.

The programme gives an in-depth understanding of how to achieve success with ambitious strategy implementations and transformation projects in a changing and turbulent world.

It is designed to benefit two key groups: general managers who head business units and executives with accountability for outcome and direct control of significant resources.

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The Partner



The Scandinavian Executive Institute is Scandinavia’s leading provider of international management training.

Since 2007, they have been providing training to top executives and board members throughout Scandinavia, and today offer intensive programmes for multi-level executives and at board level.

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