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Become a more strategic negotiator

All of us negotiate all the time. Whether it is buying or selling, managing or working for others, dealing with friends, family, colleagues or workplace hierarchies, negotiation informs everything we do, every day. But how successful we are can vary. And forging agreement among people with diverse interests, perceptions or values can be challenging whatever the context.

Strategic Negotiations introduces you to the INSEAD Value Negotiation (VN) system. Developed using faculty research, the VN system deploys evidence-based and practice-tested tools and frameworks that accelerate your understanding of win-lose and win-win strategies. The VN system enhances any negotiator’s sophistication by introducing the strategic dimension to negotiation, while also consistently expanding its diagnostic and implementation dimensions.

You explore how to choose between win-lose or win-win, when each strategy is most likely to be effective, and how strategic negotiation can drive effective, long-term outcomes. 

Participants joining from our Negotiation Fundamentals programme will be able to leverage their previous experience and knowledge to generate sophisticated questions and drive rich debate, while maintaining independence of opinion and freedom of choice.

How you benefit

  • Expand your ability to address negotiation challenges with a strategic mindset
  • Learn how to embrace a versatile approach to succeed in any negotiation
  • Become able to diagnose and embrace a probabilistic approach to maximise value and reduce risks in every type of negotiation
  • Accelerate your efficiency, build better relationships with fewer conflicts, drive more engagement and gain more confidence to deliver superior outcomes
  • Leverage hands-on practice to address weak points and optimise strengths back in the workplace.

Participant Profile

Suitable for past participants of the Negotiation Fundamentals on-demand online programme who wish to complete INSEAD Online Certificate in Negotiation. Note: participants must complete the Negotiation Fundamentals programme before being accepted to the Strategic Negotiations programme.

The programme delivers great strategic and operational leverage to any executive who needs to interact with others to get results. Participants include executives with many different roles, including:

• Executives involved in mergers, acquisitions or joint-venture negotiations
• Project Managers
• Human resources managers
• Sales and procurement managers
• Audit and compliance managers
• Key-account managers.


INSEAD Online Certificate in Negotiation




Build the foundations to become an expert negotiator


Become a more strategic negotiator


Gain expertise in specific negotiation scenarios


Become certified by INSEAD

Participants are required to complete the programmes in the above sequence. 

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