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Executive Education

Our Approach and Capabilities

Our Approach

Coaching is a process that focuses on the potentials and desires, with the aim to set goals and achieve them. Our methodology will help you release your true self, identify your genuine wishes for the future, and find the energy to change and act and, thus, reach your goals.

INSEAD is the pioneer in applying systems psychodynamic approach to leadership providing the leader a reflective space in order to uncover ‘layers of meaning’, meeting them where they are in their issues. In this approach, the ‘then and when’ is included in the ‘here and now’. The methodology explores sustainable personal change that translates to organisational change.

Exceptional Leadership Development Coaches

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INSEAD Executive Coaching is well known for the quality and diversity of our coaches. Our 160+ multi-cultural expert leadership development coaches, resident in 40+ countries and working worldwide, are all carefully selected and have been trained in our unique clinical approach. In addition, we practice pioneering group-coaching techniques, leading to profound level of self-reflection, which facilitates long-term individual and organisational change.





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World-class coaching and leadership development

The INSEAD Executive Coaching gathers a global network of professionals – nearly 160 coaches, professors and researchers – within one of the world's leading business schools. They are all leaders in their fields and engage with businesses and executives worldwide. 

Our centre has developed a range of cutting-edge coaching solutions backboned by research yet practical to support leadership development of executives in organisations such as yours by designing and delivering highly customised programmes focused on your needs.

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Individual coaching

Coaching helps individuals bring their whole self to work. Backboned by research, yet practical, our process is entirely devoted to the individual's issues and the attainment of sustainable behavioural change. It creates space for a deeper level of learning about the self by exploring personal filters and sensitive dilemmas.

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Group coaching

Leadership group coaching supports effective relationships, innovation and sustained growth at an individual, team and organisational level. Through various exercises, participants develop a deep insight into each other’s personal and professional situations and give each other direct and personal feedback. 

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Leadership in Action

The more observation points participants get, the more intense their desire to change themselves and their organisations. Building on this insight, INSEAD designed a series of exercises to enable participants to gain insights into behaviours at all levels (individual, team and organisational).

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Coaching Workshops

Our highly experiential workshops are designed to create an "emotionally intelligent" environment by developing a coaching culture in organisations. The workshops are higly practical and relevant for different audiences from Leaders to Board Members and help to better understand key coaching concepts and skills.

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Feedback instruments

INSEAD leverages research to create and continually update the instruments and tools which help executives explore the gap between the way they see themselves and the way they are seen by others. The results of our feedback instruments are analysed by our coaches, which helps coachees to develop their individual development plan.

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Classroom and small-group learning

We design and deliver interactive classroom sessions in small groups and professor-led discussions that focus on leadership case studies. This helps executives understand the psychological and business context behind the need for change.

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Mediation, team coaching and other special interventions

Several of our coaches have developed specialist experience in solving one-off organisational problems. We know that no two situations are alike, but tailored coaching is very often the solution and can lead to quite remarkable change.

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Organisational action learning

INSEAD’s action-learning processes are adapted to the context of the organisation. These projects provide executives with the opportunity to apply the tools and approach they have learnt through their leadership journey.