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Faculty & Research


Charles Galunic

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

The Aviva Chaired Professor of Leadership and Responsibility


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Research Areas
  • Dynamic Capabilities and Managerial Innovation
  • The Social Fabric of Innovation and Strategic Processes within Organisations, including Studies at the Organisational Level, focusing on Firm Dynamic Capabilities and at the Actor Level, exploring the Contribution of Human/ Social Capital and certain Facets of Knowledge Exchange on managerial innovativeness
  • Intraorganisational Ecology
  • The Evolutionary Algorithm is applied at the Intraorganizational Level
  • Cultural Modes of thought, such as Ideas, Beliefs, Assumptions, Values, Interpretive Schema and Know-How, are examined as Replicators in Cultural Evolution
Teaching Areas
  • Core Course in Organisational Behaviour
  • Strategic Management of Processes
  • Network Theory
  • Various Modules within Executive Education
  • Transition to General Management Programme Director


Charles Galunic is a Professor of Organisational Behaviour and the Aviva Chaired Professor of Leadership and Responsibility at INSEAD. He works within the fields of organisation behaviour and strategy. His research explores the social fabric of innovation and change, and at multiple levels. At the individual level, he has studied the influence of social networks on a manager’s ability to innovate. At a corporate level, he has examined structural changes and the processes which help firms to adapt. The latter work is also focused on organisation culture, including its alignment with strategy, how it changes, and the role of leadership. Finally, he explores leadership transitions, that is how managers develop their leadership skills and identity.

He has served on the editorial board of Strategic Organisation and the Strategic Management Journal, and is a former departmental editor of the Journal of International Business Studies. He has published in various academic and practitioner-oriented journals, including the Journal of Managerial and Decision Economics, Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Organisation Science, Strategic Management Journal, Harvard Business Review, and Research in Organisational Behaviour.

Professor Galunic has been a pioneer of several courses at INSEAD, including the core MBA course on Managing Organisations. He has won best case study awards, including the 2007 ECCH Best Case Award (Organisational Behaviour/Human Resources area). He also teaches in a variety of INSEAD Executive Education programmes, both in Fontainebleau and in Asia, and was a programme director of the INSEAD's high potentials programme (Management Acceleration Programme). He was a nominee for the Best Core Teacher Award, EMBA in 2004, 2005, 2006, and received the 2004/2005 INSEAD Excellence Award in Executive Education.

Professor Galunic holds a PhD in Organisational Behaviour/Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, California; a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University (Canadian Rhodes Scholar); and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Queen's University, Canada.

Charles Galunic directs the Executive Education Transition to General Management Programme and Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times and INSEAD LEAD Certificate.

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