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Executive Education

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Future Food & Ag Leadership programme from Agrohub, AgFunder and INSEAD

The programme will help you build the core capabilities of leadership and make effective decisions in the modern VUCA-world

Content Overview

Global trends in the modern world

The year 2020 was the worst economic global recession since the Great Depression. But in 2021 the world economy has started a fast path of recovery leading to a shift towards strong optimism in some countries and some sectors. However, this optimism comes...

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Organisational Culture Change to Achieve Employee's Engagement

The agroprosperis case study will illustrate the direct impact link between corporate culture and performance and show what are the key barriers to the positive corporative culture change. You will discuss the role and limitations of incentive compensa...

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Business Strategy in the 21st Century

You will have the opportunity to step back from your daily duties and experience strategic thinking which is an important part of the general manager's mindset. During the session will be explore the most important technological trends, special attenti...

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Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

This session will help you understand the principles of decision—making under risk and how leaders often make suboptimal decisions when they deal with risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity. You will examine and learn from the resulting predictable problems ...

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Corporate Value Creation and Governance

This session provides you with the main insights and intuitions about value creation. It focuses on the key moments of value creation in a firm, namely the process of growth and the way financing helps to select the choices facing the firm in its pursuit ...

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