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Executive Education

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Future Food & Ag Leadership programme from Agrohub, AgFunder and INSEAD

The programme will help you build the core capabilities of leadership and make effective decisions in the modern VUCA-world

Programme Directors

Thomas Hellwig

Thomas Hellwig
Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Thomas Hellwig is an adjunct professor for Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. He is an experienced teacher and programme director, designing learning journeys for senior executive from a wide range of different companies and sectors. He also works as a researcher and independent consultant/coach. He brings along a strong educational background with a double degree as a medical doctor and a doctorate in psychotherapy as well as a business degree (MBA from INSEAD). 

Agrohub INSEAD

Yulia Poroshenko
Founder of Agrohub

Yulia Poroshenko is the founder of Agrohub, a pioneering data-sharing platform that provides farmers with data-driven insights. Since 2018 Agrohub helps agriproducers use collective intelligence to enhance efficiency and reduce production waste. 

Yulia possesses over a decade of international experience in top-tier management consulting. She holds a degree in mathematics and economics and has completed her MBA from INSEAD.