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Alumni Testimonials


Find out what our alumni have to say about the value of the Business Foundation Certificate Programme.

The four-month BFC program enables young professionals, who are interested in getting into business, to obtain a thorough understanding of a wide variety of business units. From combining strategic objectives with customer value – to more corporate units as finance & accounting and organisational behaviour. Over the due of the course, staff and academics have provided excellent support and were quickly able to transfer from live- to remote teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic, without loss of quality. All course material is properly adjusted to the online-environment. Especially, the combination of case studies, simulations and group work create active participation and trigger engaging discussions

Maurits Crena De Iongh, Netherlands 

I have the opportunity to join this magnificent programme. The learning experience is very wonderful in all aspects: professors, classmates and the courses. The programme helped us to put business skills into action for better outcomes.

 Houssam Hamdouchi, French/Morrocan 

The BFC programme was truly transformational – comprehensive courses that strengthen business acumen, world-class faculty who brought in concepts beyond pedagogy, and a global alumni-network that lasts a lifetime, It gave me the direction needed to accelerate my career.

Vignesh Janakiraman, Indian

Thanks to the BFC programme, a scientist like me now has the tools to see the bigger picture in business. It was an outstanding experience that equipped me with professional and personal growth to start my journey ahead.

Gigliola Zanghi, Italian 

The BFC programme offers a global perspective on business issues and provides high quality courses to give us rock-solid insights. It helped me to get out of my comfort zone by adding a business dimension to my academic background in law and thus, expanded my career opportunities.

Ombeline Morand-Monteil, French

As a scientist, the BFC programme gave me exactly the business background I needed to pursue my career in a business field. The close contact to the professors and the great team spirit within the group made the programme also a remarkable experience.

Lukas Lutz, German

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