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Executive Education

Cascade Methodology

What is it?

INSEAD Cascade Methodology is an innovative approach to organisational change that harnesses the power of face-to-face learning and the unparalleled reach and impact of online pedagogy. Cascade delivers unparalleled impact at scale, at speed and cost-effectively. 

How does it work?

INSEAD Cascade Methodology is a multilevel system of capability development programmes that is 100% tailored to your challenges and customised to your new strategy.  We work with you to design each level of the programme, customising it for different management levels.


The Cascade Methodology starts with an immersive, on-campus learning experience for your senior executives at Fontainebleau or Singapore. Here we focus on leadership skills, general management, digital innovation and how to deliver change across a large organisation.


Then we cascade the experience. A range of innovative, fully online modules designed for optimal flexibility can be rolled out across the breadth of your management structure. Deeply engaging and highly motivational learning journeys, our online modules leverage next-generation pedagogy and our best-in-class INTREPID learning platform to develop skills, boost competencies and effect organisational change across your management strata and teams, at scale, at speed and 100% cost effectively.

What is the impact?

By harnessing the combined power of face-to-face and online learning, we can touch the critical leadership strata of your entire organisation, delivering alignment, shared vision, next-level skills development and unprecedented, pan-organisational impact. At scale, speed and with real cost efficiency.

Your senior team build clarity and vision to manage change. Your management teams develop the competencies, the inspiration and the motivation to effect that change, executing your strategy with excellence, and driving your organisation’s competitive edge with renewed dynamism in a volatile and uncertain global market.