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Master Programmes

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Global Executive MBA

Designed for experienced professionals who wish to develop their leadership skills while they continue to advance their current careers.

At a Glance
14 to 17 Months
Three Intakes
Across 3 Campus
Home Campus
Abu Dhabi

Unique Learning Experience

The INSEAD GEMBA is a holistic experience - each class has an unparalleled diversity of nationalities and business backgrounds, enabling participants to learn from each other and build a close-knit yet globally distributed network.

Listen to this 12-minute audio presentation to get an overview of the key features of this unique programme designed to redefine your leadership skills and accelerate your career.

Course Curriculum

The GEMBA curriculum combines breadth and depth, theory and practice, hard skills and soft skills. The idea is to make an immediate and lasting impact on your work. However, the GEMBA is not simply an intensive business programme. It is an intense all-round experience and you have to attend – and prepare for – all modules without exception, as well as completing a substantial volume of work between modules.

Personal Leadership Development Programme with individual and group coaching

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) combines a wide range of innovative learning methods designed to expand your range of effective leadership styles. Its runs throughout the programme with on-campus and off-campus elements.


Programme Schedule

The programme takes place in modular format on the Europe Campus, Asia Campus and Middle East Campus depending on the section you join. Most people opt to start on the campus that’s closest to home, but some decide to build their business travel around modules on the other side of the world. The campuses are equally diverse with world-class faculty. Whichever route you select, you will study on all three campuses and come together as a single class for the second half of the programme. The class graduates together in Singapore.

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Learning Methodology

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The GEMBA has an intensive and rigorous academic curriculum that builds on your experience and talent. Our classes are highly interactive. One role of the faculty is to tap into such experience and to encourage exchange of best practices and collective le...

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Multiple Teaching Formats

You will experience a wide variety of teaching styles and techniques, including case studies, computer simulations, role-plays, short videos, small group presentations, simulations and lectures. These are designed to maximise your learning experience.

Life-Long Learning

It is essential for executives to keep developing themselves: this is why the INSEAD GEMBA is seen as the start of a life-long learning process. For example, our GEMBA alumni have the opportunity to return to campus every year to take electives or KMC's t...

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