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Master Programmes

A smiling businesswoman in the Executive Master in Finance programme is featured in a triangle frame layered on top of a green background.

Executive Master in Finance

Designed for experienced finance professionals to accelerate careers without taking an extended leave of absence.

At a Glance
18 Months
6 on-campus modules of 2 weeks each
One Intake

Investing in Your Future

An INSEAD graduate degree yields a lifetime of dividends, both professionally and personally. It is also a serious financial investment; therefore, you should begin to consider the cost of a master in finance and your financing options early on. Apart from personal savings, there are other options such as scholarships, loans and gaining your employer's support to look at.

Ways to Fund Your Executive Master in Finance

The key benefits for you and your organisation

A general increase in motivation, output and loyalty

As you come back to the office after each module, you will inevitably cascade many of the benefits and the learning you are gaining from the programme to others in your organisation. As you interact with others in your company and explain your new perspectives and newly acquired business models, they too will be learning. INSEAD's multicultural, multidisciplinary classes will give you new problem-solving perspectives, as well as the international insights and multicultural outlook you need to excel in today's globalised business environment.

Sharper leadership skills

Through the Leadership Capstone, you will be able to hone on your leadership and management skills, which can make an impact on the work of your team and get more out of those who work with you. Learning along with peers of similar background and experience also provides 360 degree feedback, experimental teamwork training and more. 

Real-World Learning & Application

INSEAD faculty are some of the most acclaimed business thinkers in the world. During the EMFin, you will receive previews of cutting-edge research, giving your company the chance to prepare for future challenges and stay ahead of the competition. The curriculum allows you to address specific challenges your company is facing – the final Leadership Capstone project is a direct return on investment for your company as you will be analysing an issue and providing recommendations with the help of an INSEAD professor. 

A more holistic and global approach to business

Access to expert advice and valuable business contacts from around the world that will help you and your organisation grow and address business challenges through INSEAD's vast network of participants and alumni (67,000+ alumni worldwide).

Tuition Fees & Payment Schedule

Application Fee          

EUR 250

Tuition Fee*

2024 intake: SG$ 102,500 includes GST 

*The tuition fee covers tuition and supporting services including all printed course materials, on-campus IT services and access to the INSEAD library. It does not include travel or accommodation expenses.

InstalmentDue DateAmount for self-funded participantsAmount for company-sponsored participants

First Instalment

Within one month of admission*SG$ 11,000SG$ 11,000

Second Instalment

18 August 2024SG$ 56,000 SG$ 91,500

Third Instalment

15 January 2025SG$ 35,500-

Looking for financing options for your master programme? You can begin by exploring scholarships and loans according to your eligibility criteria with our finder.