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INSEAD Summer School

INSEAD Summer School

INSEAD Summer School

Transform your future in one summer. Whether you're thinking of pursuing a Master’s degree or kickstarting a rewarding international career, the INSEAD Summer School will get the very most of whatever you choose to do next.

At a Glance
Two Immersive Weeks
One Intake
23 July to 5 August 2023


Our curriculum exposes the most critical challenges, solutions, ideas and innovations in global sustainability and purpose-driven management today.

Holistic and expertly curated by INSEAD faculty, this is your fast track to understanding our interconnected world; and building the mindset, skills and confidence to get the most from work or further studies, wherever they take you.

Outdoor Team Building Activity - Chateau de Courance

Outdoor Team Building Activity - Chateau de Courance

At INSEAD Summer School’s kick-off event, students conquer a series of exhilarating team challenges set amidst the Chateau de Courances’ picturesque grounds. Designed to foster collaboration, teamwork, and resilience, this team-building exercise will test their problem-solving and strategic abilities in a fun, competitive environment.

ISS Leadership and building high-performance teams

Leadership and building high-performance teams

Prof. Thomas Hellwig presents a comprehensive session on Leadership and Building High Performance Teams. Building on the learnings of the outdoor team building activity,  this session will incorporate interactive class lectures and breakout sessions, students gain profound insights into effective leadership strategies and team dynamics. This experiential learning environment propels students to construct and lead high-performing teams.

ISS New Venture Creation

New Venture Creation

Led by Entrepreneurship Professor Melanie Milovac, the “New Venture Creation” class navigates the journey from initial concept to a compelling business pitch. This interactive session fosters hands-on team work and critical thinking as students delve into the structure of successful venture formation, ultimately crafting their own pitch-ready business plans.

ISS Production and Operations Management

Production and Operations Management

In Prof. Guillaume Roels’ “Production and Operations Management” class, students explore the intricacies of technology and operations optimisation, circular economy, and lean production. This educational journey uncovers the fundamental strategies to manage and optimise business operations, fostering a sustainable, efficient approach to production in today’s competitive landscape.

ISS Societal Progress

Societal Progress

Prof. Subramanian Rangan’s “Societal Progress” class delves into the intersection of business performance and societal advancement. Esteemed for his scholarship in political economy, Prof. Rangan encourages students to reimagine how enterprises can foster societal progress without compromising performance, bridging the gap between economic success and positive societal impact.

ISS Decision Making

Decision Making

Under the guidance of Prof. Miguel Sousa Lobo, Chair of the Decision Sciences area at INSEAD, the “Decision Making” class explores strategies for effective decision-making within complex organisational contexts. Students analyse the role of social networks and sequential decision-making, equipping themselves with the skills to navigate intra-organisational dynamics effectively.

ISS Managing Across Cultures

Managing Across Cultures

“Managing Across Cultures,” led by Simone-Eva Redrupp, explores the complexities of leading culturally diverse teams. Drawing from her extensive experience alongside Prof. Erin Meyer, author of the best-selling “Culture Map,” Simone-Eva Redrupp guides students through practical strategies and insights for navigating cultural diversity, fostering inclusive, effective leadership in today’s global landscape.

ISS Storytelling


The “Storytelling” session, conducted by seasoned performer John Bowles, leverages his rich background in acting and singing to improve corporate communication. He demonstrates the power of storytelling in business presentations, equipping students with the skills to deliver engaging narratives that captivate, persuade, and inspire in a corporate setting.

ISS Leading from the Cockpit

Leading from the Cockpit

“Leading from the Cockpit,” led by Flight Captain Alex Kuhlman, bridges lessons from aviation into corporate management. He illustrates how methodologies in mission-critical aviation situations can be applied to business, providing invaluable insights for managers on decision-making, risk management, and effective leadership under pressure.

ISS Your First Hundred Days

Your First Hundred Days

“Your First Hundred Days,” guided by Prof. Adrian Johnson, is a legendary, experiential course where participants immerse themselves into a simulated business scenario. They acquire a company, strategically restructure it over a simulated hundred-day timeline, and then devise and present a robust strategy for the company. This hands-on exercise fosters strategic planning, decision-making skills, and a comprehensive understanding of corporate management. It is the opportunity to apply the learning of the previous days in a visceral, realistic experience.

ISS INSEAD Alumni Careers Evening

INSEAD Alumni Careers Evening

At the “INSEAD Alumni Careers Evening,” students interact with a broad spectrum of alumni from MIM, MBA, EMBA, and executive programmes. This enlightening session offers a window into diverse career paths post-INSEAD, as alumni share their professional journeys and provide valuable advice on students’ future career strategies.



During the “INSEAD MIM Evening,” students delve into the specifics of INSEAD’s Masters in Management Programme. This informative session invites open discussion, addressing students’ queries regarding the programme and its alignment with their academic and career aspirations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the MIM offering.

ISS Exploring the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Exploring the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

This day transports students to Paris’s Station F, Europe’s largest startup incubator. Participants will engage with a diverse array of startups and venture capital investors, predominantly led by INSEAD Alumni, providing firsthand insights into the innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and dynamic business models thriving in today’s competitive startup ecosystem.

ISS Social Activities

Social Activities

At INSEAD Summer School, each day is complemented by a vibrant array of social activities. Students organise and participate in an exciting lineup of sports competitions ranging from table tennis to football, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition. Cultural activities punctuate the programme, with the standout being a legendary talent evening on Saturday night that showcases the diverse and vibrant skills of the participants. Cultural enrichment continues with a visit to the iconic Fontainebleau Chateau and a day immersed in the rich cultural offerings of Paris. These social and cultural experiences create a holistic and memorable summer school experience.