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Master Programmes

Students of the INSEAD Master in Management programme

Master in Management

Designed to empower the next generation of well-rounded, agile-thinking and innovative individuals.

At a Glance
14 to 16 Months
One Intake
Multi Campus
France and Singapore

MIM Curriculum

Be Part of The Journey

The INSEAD Master in Management (MIM) programme delivers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates core business disciplines with practical learning experiences. Our rigorous courses span finance, marketing, strategy, and operations, enhancing analytical thinking, problem-solving, and cross-cultural collaboration skills. The curriculum also integrates emerging topics like machine learning, negotiation and data analysis for managers to prepare you for success in today’s data-driven business environment. Through case studies, simulations, and consulting projects, you'll apply your knowledge to real-world challenges. Our global perspective fosters a dynamic learning environment where you'll engage with diverse peers and benefit from renowned faculty expertise.

By cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, the programme equips you to navigate the complexities of the business landscape. Additionally, extracurricular activities and networking opportunities enhance your overall experience, enabling you to build a strong professional network. Prepare for success as a future business leader by joining the INSEAD MIM programme and unlocking your potential in a transformative learning journey.

INSEAD participants, could be Master in Management, chatting about MIM curriculum in one of the outdoor seating areas

Programme Structure


Months Curriculum




Weeks Each Period


Core Courses




Optional Field Trips (Abu Dhabi, China, Singapore or USA)

Our Faculty

Course Curriculum

The INSEAD Master in Management is a rigorous 14 to 16-month programme divided into five periods, each lasting eight weeks. Each period includes five weeks of teaching, career and skill workshops, and two weeks of experiential practical blocks. These practical blocks provide an opportunity to apply your knowledge to real-life business scenarios, reinforcing the concepts learned in core courses. In the final period, you'll have the flexibility to choose electives from a diverse range of subjects.

Launch Period

You will experience INSEAD's signature business simulation, take on language classes and kickstart your career development journey with an introduction to industries, the recruiting process and skills demand. In addition, there will be team-building and cultural awareness activities to get to know your classmates better.