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Master in Management

Designed to empower the next generation of well-rounded, agile-thinking and innovative individuals.

At a Glance
14 to 16 Months
One Intake
Multi Campus
France and Singapore

Investing in your Future

The INSEAD Master in Management (MIM) programme opens doors to a world of endless possibilities, providing lifelong dividends both professionally and personally. As you embark on this transformative journey, it's important to recognise that pursuing an MIM is a significant commitment of both time and financial resources. At INSEAD, we understand the importance of careful consideration and meticulous planning to ensure your investment pays off.

To help you navigate the financial obligations associated with the programme, we provide comprehensive information on costs and fees in our dedicated MIM Cost & Fees section. Early on in the application process, it's crucial to explore various financing and funding options available to you, such as savings, loans, or scholarships. 

While the responsibility of funding your INSEAD MIM experience ultimately rests with you, our MIM Financial Aid Office is here to assist you in creating a well-thought-out financing plan. We understand the significance of this investment and are committed to supporting you throughout your journey at INSEAD.

Application Details

Investing In Your Future

Financing And Scholarships


Of participants received scholarships


Average scholarship amount
16 months

The INSEAD MIM programme is a 14 to 16-month programme. The tuition fees for the Class of MIM 2025 are €52,500.

Tuition fees cover all printed course materials, access to the INSEAD library, access to on-campus information technology services, student council fees, gym access, business cards, printing and health insurance.​

Fee payment schedule:

InstalmentDue DateSelf-funded participantsCompany-sponsored participants
First instalmentNon-refundable, within 2 weeks of admission€8,500€8,500
Second instalment

26 June 2024 (R1-R3)

26 July 2024 (R4)

Third instalment31 January 2025€16,000-

Estimated living expenses during the MIM programme

MIM students can expect to incur total estimated living expenses of €21,545 for the duration of the course. A survey of INSEAD MIM graduates shows the following average expenses during the programme:





Airfare €1,100 €2,000 Make the travel arrangements well in advance to keep the expense down. Rates will depend on your country of residence.
Accommodation €4,600 €5,100 Students rent studios or share apartments/houses. Singapore rentals vary considerably.
Local Transport €600 €745 You can buy metro and bus cards in both France and Singapore. The Fontainebleau campus is within walking distance from the town centre.
Food €3,000 €2,300 Both campuses offer the possibility of an affordable meal at the cafeteria.
Field trip (Abu Dhabi/China/USA) €2,100 You need to plan for the travel, accommodation and meals. You may incur additional expenses (visa, local transportation, etc...).
Total estimated associated expenses
on the MIM Programme
€21,545 These estimated expenses include basic extracurricular activities and will depend largely on one’s lifestyle and personal arrangements.
Advance planning and shared accommodation will help to master the budget.
Paid internship at the end of the programme will also help to generate some income.

You can explore Campus France website to have an idea on the cost of some basic expenses in France and discounts that students can benefit from. 

Etudiant.gouv portal offers also guidance on all aspects of studying in France. You can find information on administrative, health and social matters, as well as tips for funding.

Looking for financing options for your master programme? You can begin by exploring scholarships and loans according to your eligibility criteria with our finder.